I Really Do Like Beer!

June 1, 2011

My husband and I went to the B&B this weekend and had a great, relaxing, wonderful weekend! There was a little Irish Pub about 50 feet from the B&B, so you KNOW we had to visit. (That was my plan all along.) It was a little cloudy, a little cool, but lots of people were out and about. There were families, older couples holding hands, young couples on dates, and a few scattered bikers here and there. I loved the variety.  I was starving and couldn’t wait to be seated, order a beer, and enjoy the people watching. We had a little wait, so they directed us to the brewery next door. Thank you very much! I was introduced to their summer brew. It had a great taste, not a dark beer, but much more flavor than my MGD 64 I had become used to. Apparently a little higher alcohol content too! As we were seated, all I could think about was indulging in something I hadn’t in a long time. I had no desire for a salad of any kind. NOPE. I went for the beer battered fish and chips. Okay, I did order the kids meal. Kudos’ to me here. It was one huge piece of fish, and I’m pretty sure my French fry portion was equivalent to the regular order. I also ordered a bowl of Cheddar Ale soup. I am just now seeing the BEER pattern here. Oh dear. I rinsed all of this down with two more beers! I did however leave quite a few fries in my basket. I did give myself a little pat on the back for knowing when to stop with the fries. The next morning for breakfast we were served lots of yummies. The first course was fresh fruit and yogurt with a cranberry muffin. I ate it all. I even added real butter to my muffin. The next course was a croissant, three slices of crispy bacon, and a wonderful Italian quiche. I finished off the croissant, two thirds of the quiche and one and a half slices of bacon. I ACTUALLY LEFT FOOD ON MY PLATE!! I have had a hard time with that, feeling like I am wasting food. But I am learning to get over it. Typically, at a restaurant, I can take the leftovers home, and usually, I do. All of that being said, today was Weigh-In Day. Up 0.2 lbs. No surprise here. I knew from journaling I had overdone this week. My only real surprise was that I didn’t gain more than I did. It is possible my over indulging could show up next week on the scale, and I am determined to not let that happen. This gain, as I have learned, is expected in the weight loss journey. The fact that I didn’t hit the gym ONCE this week didn’t help either. My schedule was CRAZY this week, and I had two over nights away from home. I try to plan well for those occasions, and I have become much better at it. My plan to only consume an alcoholic beverage one day this week went drastically down hill. I think I actually had ONE day that I didn’t have an alcoholic beverage? EGADS!! That’s where the journaling can really be effective. I can look back at my week and see the mistakes I made, even though I had a pretty good idea.

Today after the weight watcher meeting, my WW buddy (who is kicking ass and lost 1.0 lb this week) and I headed to the gym. We both had an awesome workout of cardio and weight lifting! Then to the grocery store to the salad bar to load up on veggies and a little (very little) taco meat topped with salsa! This is our favorite new lunch!

Here’s to a successful week!