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My daughter left last Friday to go back to school. We had really established a great routine over the summer. She lost 12.6 lbs and went back to school looking great! I know she is a bit nervous about being able to continue to make the right choices when she is surrounded with friends wanting to eat out all the time. But she has my support, and hopefully the support of her friends too! We went shopping together and stocked her kitchen up pretty good, AND she found herself a meeting the first week she was back and WENT TO IT! I couldn’t be more proud of her, for that, and too many other things to even mention.

She is everything I thought a daughter ever could be, and so much more.

Hanging out in the 170’s.

August 17, 2011

I kind of seem to be stuck. This happened in the 180’s as well. I felt really good and found myself hanging out there for a while. I have no intentions of stopping my weight loss at all. Sometimes you just want to take a break from the routine though, and kick back. I know that I have learned I can’t take a forever break, and I continue to go to two meetings a week, and also hit the gym, and track all of the food I am eating and also all of my excercise, but I am eating a bit more each week than I am allowed, therefore leading me to go up and down on the scale a bit.
I had blogged about a lake trip we were to take with my husband’s work crowd. That trip took place last weekend and I was hoping to be at 170. I weighed in the day before the trip at 170.6! I was super pleased with myself, thank you very much. The following week I weighed in at 174.0. NO THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Let’s just say that while at the lake, I enjoyed myself very much, I have no regrets, and I understand I will NOT lose that as easily as I gained it.
I’m not really sure where I will be on Friday morning when I weigh in. I have excercised hard this week, but not as frequent as I have been. I have been over eating due to stress. Still trying to figure that one out. I KNOW I need to leave the house when I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed, but sometimes getting out the door is easier said than done.
I am a work in progress. Aren’t we all?