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Pilates Anyone??

September 27, 2011

I’m all about trying new things. New routes to reach my destination, new ways to mow the lawn (the heck with diagonal and perpindicular, I like to mow in a circle, keeps the neighbors guessing) new recipes for dinner, new restaurants,  and new cocktails for happy hour!

I like a bit of a physical challenge, so trying new things in that department in also something I enjoy. I have joined the gym, I ride my bike, I don’t like to run, but I will do a bit of a walk/run to get my heart rate up, AND I bought a heart rate monitor (huge help in determining where you need to be to get the full benefit of your workout) walked a few 5K’s, took a kick boxing class, did a few awesome excercise video’s, took a Zumba class,  and tried a little yoga.

Now, it’s Pilates time!

It’s tonight and I’m looking forward to it!

Challenge yourself to try something new and different! It keeps things exciting!

Maybe this explains my plateau…………….

UP, down, UP, down……..

September 12, 2011

This roller coaster of emotions of mine has got my scale on a roller coaster of it’s own. Stress eating seems to be an area I can’t get under control and it has got me at a point of up’s and down’s with my weight loss efforts.  Lot’s of stuff going on in my life right now that I disagree with or I am uncomfortable with, but I have absolutely no control over and it is really eating me up. (No pun intended.) I completely use food when I am stressed out, bored or even excited. I am trying really hard here to just accept the things in my life that are happening and remind myself they are not permanent.
I am utilizing the excercising as much as possible as a way to release some stress. I know how much better I feel when I excercise and I also know it gives me time to think. Sometimes it’s actually an escape to NOT think about things. Maybe I focus on the birds, or the sunshine, or the kids at the park, or I just crank up the tunes and hit it hard.

I do have a plan. I tried Yoga, and I liked it, so I’m thinking about doing that twice a week. Then this last Saturday I tried a Zumba class for the first time with a new friend of mine. I enjoyed the class because it was something new to try, and I am thouroughly enjoying my new friendship! We are going to do the class next week too!

My goal for the next three weeks is to not miss a day of journaling everything from eating to drinking to excercise. I figure if I truly make myself write it all down, and own it, I will see a difference on the scale.

Here’s to success!

First Yoga Class!!

September 1, 2011

So I get this coupon about three months ago for five pilates and yoga classes for $15 dollars…..I think…..GREAT! I am needing something new, and this will be perfect! Well, after looking at the coupon in my WW book for SEVERAL weeks, I decided to challenge myself and go to the class this morning! I was really nervous I was going to make a fool of myself. My real only screw up, is that all the ladies showed up in flip flops, because, duh………you do yoga barefoot! I showed up in my shoes and socks….and I hid down the hall to take them off, and just acted as though I showed up barefoot. L O S E R…..Anyhow, the YOGA???  I LOVED it! And I don’t think I did too shabby either. I will for sure attend the five classes I have the coupon for, then check out the price to continue. And I found out I can take the Pilates class before the yoga class….so I will do that next Tuesday and Thursday.

I’m pretty cheap, my gym membership is $10 dollars a month………so we’ll see……

But Today I Feel GREAT!!!