Pilates Anyone??

September 27, 2011

I’m all about trying new things. New routes to reach my destination, new ways to mow the lawn (the heck with diagonal and perpindicular, I like to mow in a circle, keeps the neighbors guessing) new recipes for dinner, new restaurants,  and new cocktails for happy hour!

I like a bit of a physical challenge, so trying new things in that department in also something I enjoy. I have joined the gym, I ride my bike, I don’t like to run, but I will do a bit of a walk/run to get my heart rate up, AND I bought a heart rate monitor (huge help in determining where you need to be to get the full benefit of your workout) walked a few 5K’s, took a kick boxing class, did a few awesome excercise video’s, took a Zumba class,  and tried a little yoga.

Now, it’s Pilates time!

It’s tonight and I’m looking forward to it!

Challenge yourself to try something new and different! It keeps things exciting!