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Lots of Peppers today!

February 28, 2012

Breakfast was yummy and a bit different for me. I am adapting to the Greek yogurt “twang” if you will? This brand seems to be my favorite. Chobani. Today I had the raspberry, 3 PPV. Then I had a banana, 0 PPV, and a mini fat free cranberry orange muffin, 1 PPV. The muffin is Krusteaz brand and I love this flavor and the blueberry is delicious too

The red bell peppers were on sale for .89 cents, so I grabbed quite a few!

So for lunch I made a wrap with my tortilla, 2 PPV, 1 T of hummus, 1 PPV, 2 oz of grilled chicken breast, 2 PPV, and LOTS of bell pepper strips!

I wrapped it all up and added a few more crunchy veggies! Yum!

Then I couldn’t get enough peppers I guess, so I made fajitas with my leftover grilled chicken from the night before’s dinner.

Gotta add a couple of points for some fresh avocado!

I LOVE the Kraft 2% sharp cheddar slices, and they are a safe 1 PPV! I use this cheese on lots of different things because the flavor really is yummy and creamier than other low fat cheeses, I think. 🙂

I was so hungry and it smelled so good, I totally forgot to take a picture of it all rolled up! I think you can imagine it though, huh?

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Face it everyday, for REAL!

February 28, 2012

So this is what I just made and posted on my bathroom mirror. The print is light, so let me help…..

1) 150 lbs
2) exercise 5x per week
3) do not eat more than my weekly allowed points
4) drink 8 glasses water daily

1) stress and anxiety
a) look at this list on my mirror and read it before I eat anything due to stress or anxiety.
b) set the timer for 5 minutes and think about what I am stressed about before I eat anything due to stress or anxiety.
2) socializing
a) always keep within my points.
b) only drink alcohol ONCE weekly.

Why Am I Doing This?
1) my physical health
2) my mental health
3) become a WW leader
4) through WW leader job, be able to contribute more financially

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Random Thought – Oscar’s

February 27, 2012

It’s kinda like the Super Bowl, but funner. I really like the JCP commercials with Ellen.

(yes, I know funner isn’t a word. My IPad told me)

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

I found this recipe on Pinterest. The site was

It’s a chicken corn chowder and it was really yummy on a cold rainy day and 1 C was 4 PPV!

These are all of the ingredients. I think cooking can be a lot more fun and a lot easier to start with a clean kitchen and an empty dishwasher! I measured out all of the ingredients and chopped up whatever needed chopping so I could follow the recipe for the first time and know I had everything ready to go!

Celery, carrots, onion and garlic in olive oil.

Bacon, jalapeño, thyme and flour.

Add the chicken!

the cream corn thickens it up! Yum! I added a T of sour cream to each bowl ( and added the points) to make it just a bit more creamy. My husband added a little shredded cheddar with the sour cream. Soooo good!

Highly recommended!

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Well No Wonder…..

February 23, 2012

At my last WW Meeting, my lovely leader, Joan, talked about how color can affect your appetite!

Here is the information she found on the color “Red”.

“It is a very intense and energetic color, red increases blood pressure and stimulates appetite. Ever notice why many restaurants paint their walls a dark red?”

She followed this by saying that it probably wasn’t the best idea to have red walls in your kitchen or red plates.

Here are my kitchen plates.

And here are a couple of pictures of my kitchen.

Yip, that’s right. I have red walls AND red plates. At least I have a variety of plates, so I can opt out of eating off of my red plates, but I think I will keep my wall color for a while.

Here is the information Joan sent me on other colors and how they can affect your appetite!

Looks like Grey might be my next kitchen wall color. I am a total anxiety nut and a stress eater!

Written by AstroNutrition 13 April 2010

Blue. The color blue is associated with the mind and body and can produce a calming effect while slowing the metabolism. Blue is often used as an appetite suppressant so if you run a restaurant, consider painting it red! If you’re dieting, put lots of blue in your kitchen and dining room from blue plates, blue candles, and blue placemats.

Green. The beauty of nature in shades of green, green is a calming and relaxing color. The color green is associated with being healthy and in nature.

Grey. A great color to suppress your appetite, grey calms and neutralizes anxiety which results in you eating less food.

Orange. Not only does orange increase oxygen supply to the brain, it stimulates us mentally and is invigorating. It’s a warm, soothing color that also stimulates appetite.

Turquoise. A tasty color that stimulates your appetite, color your kitchen turquoise if you’re looking at beefing up.

Yellow. Cheery and uplifting, yellow can help with focus and concentratation. Ever wonder why Post-It notes are yellow? Coincidence? Yellow is related to happiness and it can also stimulate your appetite.

“love the life you live, live the life you love”


February 20, 2012

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Nothing fancy, but so tasty!

February 20, 2012

1 C fresh strawberries
1/3 C WW fat free vanilla yogurt

All this for just 1 PPV!

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Good Bye Old Friend

February 20, 2012

Oh don’t worry. That’s just me being dramatic. I have had this relationship with coffee since my teens. My mom always had a pot of coffee on every morning, and most evenings. It was comforting. It always smelled so good. There was just something about sitting down with a cup of coffee that made everything better. Wait. Maybe it was the pastry or cookies that we had with it that was comforting. Well, whatever it was, it still is, because I have coffee on ALL the time! I drank it black for years. Then out of the blue, I needed a change. I do that a lot. Change things. Move furniture, paint a room, mow the lawn in a circle (true story), rearrange wall hangings, make the sock drawer the underwear drawer, cut all of my hair off, paint my nails purple, add creamer to my coffee! Can you believe it? Okay, it was fat free half and half, but it’s still calories!!! So a week ago, I made another change. I gave up fat free half and half in my coffee. You thought I was giving up coffee, didn’t you? Heck no! I’m not crazy!

You know what? I remembered how much I really enjoy black coffee!

Just like my coaster says……”Hot delicious Coffee Here”

Just looking at this mug filled with hot coffee makes me feel cozy! Geezzz, at times I can be so simple!

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Breakfast Scramble

February 19, 2012

I used my leftover peppers for a breakfast scramble this morning and made a HUGE 4 PPV breakfast!

3 egg whites – 1 PPV
1 turkey sausage link, diced – 1 PPV
1 slice Kraft 2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese – 1 PPV
Diced bell peppers – 0 PPV
salsa – 0 PPV

1 orange, cut up – 0 PPV
1/3 C Weight Watchers Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt – 1 PPV

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Mom’s Taco Salad

February 19, 2012

My mom had a lot of staple dinner’s growing up, and this is one of my favorites, but modified just a bit.

I like to combine lean ground beef and lean ground turkey. I dice one onion and cook it with my beef and turkey. If you don’t have one of these handy little tools to chop up your ground meat, I highly recommend it! Mine is Pampered Chef and it was $10. It really chops the meat up fine and that’s how I really like my taco meat! Makes me think Taco Bell!

My mom would always add a can of kidney beans, but I love black beans,so that’s what I add.

A few other changes I have made…….Reduced Fat Cheddar, Fat Free Catalina (the dressing is what makes this Mom’s!), nonfat Greek plain yogurt, and I really don’t miss the nacho Cheese Doritos ( ok, sometimes I do, but this is so full of favors, I can go without).

Add your taco meat and beans to a big bowl of lettuce and top it off with some bell peppers, shredded cheddar, Fat Free Catalina dressing and spoonful of nonfat Greek yogurt in place of sour cream!

My plate is 10 PPV, but make sure you measure it all out for your own serving!

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