Birthdays…Mothers Day….Anniversary..

May 13, 2012

Lots of celebrations this week and weekend! So much to do, so many places to go, so many people to see, SO MUCH FOOD TO EAT!

Tuesday was our wedding anniversary and we had a great time going out for BBQ at BB’s Lawnside while listening to Trampled Under Foot! I posted some pictures already, but I have have more!

Well, they are from my phone, so they really suck, but I wanted to try and show what a funky little place this is. Below is the bathroom……you can’t see the walls in the whole place! They are covered with posters and newspaper articles. I LOVE it!

Fridays WW meeting was great and I felt ready to face the weekend and all of it’s food challenges…..

Friday was a surprise party for two friends that are both turning the big 5-0! So you know I am planning on some beer. Just look at the bottle! It says Superior Drinkability! Um……okay!

When our friends arrived at the restaurant, we were ready to yell SURPRISE!”

Here are the birthday boys and their lovely wives…….

Me and a few friends……..I stole these pictures from the cute little blonde below, showing some shoulder. These were on her Facebook page. I’m certain she won’t mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

More friends…

The evening was a huge success! I was having so much fun, I forgot to eat. Later in the evening we moved to a different location. Lots of laughs and all were having an awesome evening. After a short time, I realized people were starting to order food, and decided I should too! Nothing looked real appealing on the menu, and I wasn’t really wanting a full meal. I noticed they had hummus and pita bread, and in being cautious about where I was with my points, I asked if I could order the hummus, but with raw veggies in place of the pita bread. Sure, no problem. So the food is delivered. There are a lot of us there and we are all standing around a few tables. Everyone seems really focused on the food being delivered. It ALL smelled and looked SO good! Cheeseburgers, fries, pizza, fried stuff all around me! Then the waitress sets my food down in front of me. Literally, someone yells, “Who the heck ordered hummus!?!?” to which I immediately replied, “It was complimentary!”. I was dying laughing on the inside but totally serious on the outside. I have no idea why I said that. I was in one of my silly moods all night anyhow. Trying to make people giggle a bit. I felt really on the spot all of a sudden. Like all the normal people were eating really good food, and the fat girl on a diet ordered raw veggies. But I realized everyone ordered good bar food, and all of a sudden I just felt silly. Then I hear, “What do you mean complimentary?”. I’m like….”I don’t know, the waitress just told me it was free if I wanted it, so I said I did.” we’ll, people started snacking on my stuff! Then one friend says loudly….”This hummus sucks! Who ordered it?”. Another friend says “Julie got it. It was free. ” then she looked at me. She knew. She busted out laughing. She says….”you totally ordered this, didn’t you?”. I just started laughing. I do and say really stupid stuff sometimes. The whole “it was complimentary” just rolled off my tongue. The hummus did suck. When I got home around 10:30, I snacked on a little turkey, cheese and some carrots. The whole thing really was funny, but I was so glad I didn’t cave and eat a cheeseburger and fries!! I felt great when I woke up!

So Saturday Mike and I had plans to go to dinner and do a little more anniversary celebrating. I knew I wanted to enjoy wine with dinner, and eat something other than hummus and raw veggies……..I was super careful throughout the day and tracked everything I ate.


Egg white burrito……..

Then I headed out the door with the dogs to stroll the neighborhood garage sales……and guess what I found? The cutest little “Mini Day Bed”! I loved it right away! So I bought it, got it in the house (with help from my neighbor Ashli. Thank you Ashli!) up the stairs, and all settled in my bedroom in a spot that had been wanting something cozy and special for a long time! How cute is this?

Lunch…..WW smoothie……with strawberries….topped with Kashi!

Later in the afternoon I snacked on some carrots and celery, accompanied by a Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge……

And this all allowed me to really enjoy my dinner out. The restaurant was packed with over an hour wait, so we found a couple to politely hover over at the bar, and ordered a drink. When they were done, we took their spots and settled in. I love to eat dinner at a full bar. I like all the conversations going on and it seems to make for good people watching. The evening was off to a great start! I was going for the grilled salmon and smashed potatoes with a glass of wine at J. Alexander’s, but totally went with the Caesar topped with the grilled Salmon, dressing on the side. It was perfect, and again, I really enjoyed my evening, and my meal, and felt great about the choices I made. Then we headed to a local favorite spot to listen to our guy Brian. We discovered him a few years back and love to go listen to him. It was the perfect way to end the night!

Today will be a bit of a challenge again…….

Breakfast out with the family, mom, daughter, brother, niece, nephew, and I believe a few others…..

Alone time with my daughter for a lunch out……

And who knows what the evening has in store, but exercise will be a necessity today!