Thank You! Thank You! Thank you!

June 1, 2012

I’m not sure who I’m thanking here, but I believe it’s the scale. Maybe it’s myself. Okay, yes, I thank myself. I mean, after all, I am the one who made the choices that made the scale do what it did, right? The whole blogging thing was going to become quite embarrassing if I didn’t get out of the 170’s…..quick!!

Today, I did it! 168.00. It felt great to step on that scale and see that happy little 6 in the middle. I don’t think I have seen a 6 there in over five years! Honestly, I was going to jump up and down for, 169.00, so at 168.00, I froze. Hehe hehe… I’m just giddy. I might as well weigh 120! Okay, small exaggeration. But I am extremely pleased with myself.

So I need a new challenge, and a new goal. I have determined that I do best with small, short term goals. Long term goals seem to wig me out a bit, and I can’t see the end. But I can visualize short term. I will receive my next 5lb award at 167.4. That means I need to loose 0.6 this week. Totally doable. So that’s my goal on the scale. How am I going to get there? Do what works for me.

1. Drink alcohol only one time this week.
2. Of my 49 points allowance that I can choose to use, or not, I will use half. (I typically just use them all)
3. Exercise 6 days a minimum of 30 minutes.


Tonight is First Friday in the art district downtown. Lots of fun people. Lots of activities. Lots of food. Lots of drinks. I am going!

No plans Saturday….Whew!

Sunday we are celebrating my brothers birthday at his house. I already know the menu is fried chicken and he may request my moms famous birthday chocolate cake.

With school being out now, I know there will be more invitations for lunches out, driveway happy hours, poolside snacks and drinks, lake invites.

First obstacle. I am driving tonight, on purpose. That limits my drinking to three beers. Yay! I have a plan.

Second obstacle. I have been asked to bring a side. I took a large platter of roasted veggies to his house for his birthday last year. I roasted them in the morning, then chilled them and served them cold. They were a hit with everyone! I think I did asparagus, green beans, red onions, vidallia onions and red potatoes, with a little butter flavored olive oil, and kosher salt. I am also taking an old WW recipe from a long time ago. It’s a blueberry cobbler that’s delicious! Well, I guess I’m not taking the recipe. I am actually taking the cobbler! I will probably eat a Greek yogurt right before we go. It’s growing on me and I’m diggin the 14 grams of protein! Yay! Another plan!

Third obstacle. I just have to stay strong and stick with my plan. Fresh fruits and veggies and low fat dips for unexpected driveway parties and poolside chats. I love all of the crystal light flavors, so I stocked up and I’m ready for summer! Yay! Planning!

Honestly, the lake? Happens very infrequently. Anything goes at the lake. Sorry. Truth hurts.

At my WW meeting this morning, I was out of my Vanilla WW Smoothie mix and had planned on buying more. All of their products are sooooo good! I had never tried the Creamy Coconut, and decide to give it a try.

As soon as I got home, I mixed one up, added a cup of fresh pineapple, and headed out to the deck to blog. Turned on my Pandora to a little Eagles, and put my feet up! Holy Coconut! This stuff is delicious!!

Can you say “Drink of the Day?” I think I’m on a cruise ship?


It’s going to be a great week!

I start the boot camp on Monday! Eeeekkkkkkkk!!

This is so me right now……..

“love the life you live, live the life you love”


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  1. Congratulations! You did it with style! So glad you made it to the one sixties. way to go, Jules!