Friday Weight Watchers Meeting

February 3, 2013

Again, we had an awesome meeting on Friday. The subject matter was…..

What do Successful People Have in Common?

The members of the meeting agreed that many successful people could be defined by some of the following……..

Goal Oriented

There were more suggestions given, but these come to mind first. All of these things also make successful Weight Watcher members.

We then discussed if we feel that sometimes we doubt our ability to reach our goal, and why. Why do we think we can not succeed?

People suggested different reasons why they doubt that they can reach their weight loss goals.

Always been overweight.
Family History of obesity.
Big Boned.

I know for me I have a hard time visualizing myself at my goal weight because I have never weighed that. When I got to 165, that was as close to 160 I have been in years, and I can’t explain it, but as good as it felt, it was also scary. Will I keep it off? What will I look like? Will people constantly be waiting for me to gain it back? Should I just stop where I’m at? What if I continue to work really hard and it just doesn’t want to leave my body? So, as embarrassing as all of those thoughts are, they are real for me. Hence “The Weight of my Weight”.

So I sit here, frustrated, knowing I am better than this. Knowing I can work hard, and that working hard is all that I can expect from myself. To keep educated about good health, to exercise, to pay attention to what I am putting my body, to practice moderation and portion control, to plan my weeks and my days, to pat myself on the back for a good choice and forgive myself for a bad choice. Those are the things that I know that I can do.

Well, it’s Sunday morning. I did weigh in on Friday, but I told the nice lady that weighed me that I prefer not to look at the number until later. You are seeing it for the first time with me.

I didn’t look at the number Friday, and I didn’t look at the number on Saturday. I had a long talk with myself in bed last night (reflecting…I suppose) and I knew when I got up that I would have to face the number. So I did. Basically I gained three pounds over the holidays, and it never left me, then I gained three more pounds over vacation. Again, after the incidents that happened on vacation, I was just happy to be with my husband and my friends, and fruits and vegetables didn’t seem as important as rum and fruit juice. (true story)

So now, as I face surgery and a long recovery, (and a lot of unknowns) I have had many a talks with myself about goals and self discipline. I am frustrated with myself for going into this situation with my weight back up a bit. I have been thinking about my goal of 150, and what I need to go back to doing to get there. I journal like crazy, but I have been lacking in measuring, and I have been estimating points values for food much more often that I should. I know when I sneak a bite of food here and there, I have been terrible about writing it down, and I know those unwritten points in food become obvious pounds on my body. My self discipline has always been pretty sucky. I wish I knew why. I know to make this surgery successful, I HAVE to have self discipline when it comes to physical therapy or I might as well not even have the surgery. So not having self discipline is no longer an option. It is mandatory!

Mike has sensed my short temper this week, and I hate it when I take my frustration with myself out on him. The poor guy can’t blink right when I’m in a mood. He completely set my mind at ease last night by telling me he wanted to work from home for a couple of weeks after my surgery because he wanted to be there for me and wanted to be able to do whatever I needed whenever I needed it. (He is sooooo going to regret this.)

Just kidding. He just made me fall in love with him all over again and feel like crap for being so short with him lately.

Well, that was quite a reflection. I feel better already. The sun is shining brightly, we are going out to a movie today, then home to watch the Super Bowl, things feel organized and in place for the week, and it’s going to be a great day!

Here are the eats (as best as I can) for Friday and Saturday.

Luna Bar]

Leftover Red Beans and Rice

Dinner? Okay, Happy Hour
Wine, Beer
Dips, Pizza, Nuts, More Dips…..

I don’t know how many points I consumed, but I will assume my 49 extra points I get each week, were used on Friday and Saturday Night.

This picture is the last of the boxed wine, being squeezed out of the bag!!! These girls are just crazy like that.


Scrambled Egg Beaters with WW Cheese
Toast and Jelly


Veggies and Hummus


I have no pictures.

Mike and I headed out to Sunset Grill to use our coupon for the artichoke dip. Buy one Entree, get the dip for free!

We rarely do the appetizer thing, but we did. The dip was awesome, and even better when washing it down with a couple of ice cold beers!

It was probably one of the best date nights we have had in a really long time. We each had a few beers and filled up on chips and dip. We never did order that Entree.

So obviously, I have already gone over on my points for the week after two days. My long talk with myself was last night after we came home and Mike was fast asleep. I have got to stop celebrating with food and get back to my plan. The surgery feels like a fresh start to my health. I really let my shoulder get me down and this is an opportunity for a fresh start as far as my goals go and with my new relationship with Self Discipline.

I have no idea how much I will blog after surgery, but I am assuming I will take at least a few days off.

I will blog the rest of the week for sure though.

This blog was kind of all over the place, but it always feels good for me to get my thoughts I’ve had stuck in my head all week long out there.

Thanks to my supporters for not giving up on me and accepting me, no matter what the scale says. 🙂

“love the life you live, live the life you love”


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  1. Thanks Steph! I love you. 🙂