Happy Thanksgiving (Number Two!)

November 30, 2013

I lied.


I didn’t intentionally lie, but I did lie.

I said I was going to take a walk after Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday.

I said I would blog everyday over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

I said I would go to my WW meeting on Friday morning AND weigh.


I did none of those things. I swear I had really good intentions.

Here is what I did right.

On Thanksgiving Day, I put small portions of what I really liked on my plate.

I did NOT go back for seconds.

I drank a LOT of water.

Friday morning, Tess and I met a group of my girlfriends from high-school (one was only here for a few short days from out of town)  for coffee and breakfast. I really didn’t want to miss out on that, but it did mean I didn’t get my blog post written, and then I must admit, I had no desire to go to my WW meeting and weigh in wearing jeans and already having a meal and lots of coffee in my belly, so I skipped it and we shopped instead.

My side of the family is having Thanksgiving Dinner at my house today. I ordered a smoked turkey, which I have done in the past, and it really makes the meal a lot easier. I picked it up yesterday and got it all carved. Today I just warm it in the oven, somewhere between baking the rolls and the sweet potatoes and figuring out that whole puzzle of “How do I keep it all warm???”.

Thanksgiving Day was great at my In-Laws. Mike and Tess and I spent the evening at home playing Pool….


(literally, one of the very few pictures I took all day long.)



…….making up festive drinks…..



and ending the night by the fireplace and watching one of our (and by our, I mean Tess and I) favorite movies, The Family Stone!


I loved the way our Family photo turned out last year. It was actually a really spontaneous shot in my mother-in-laws window in the dining room. We had all squeezed in and I loved it, so we recreated it this year!







Farmer Family-1



I may have started a new tradition!

What are some of YOUR Thanksgiving Day Traditions?? 

“love the life you live, live the life you love”