The Scale at The Doctor’s Office!

December 18, 2013

In a time crunch, so this post is written a little differently than usual and in a huge hurry. The last two days have not been the best variety of foods. Basically I’ve been eating Chili! Today will be a better variety of foods and I will exercise as much as I did yesterday, because it felt great to walk outside!


 I didn’t get my blog post written yesterday, and this morning I overslept, so this is going to be super short. I say that all the time, then I have a story to tell, (like today) and I start typing, then I just keep typing and typing and typing. I’ll likely be late for the Food Truck today!!

I went to the doctor on Monday morning for my girly annual exam. Fun, right? On the way there, I knew I was going to say that I didn’t want to step on the scale, but that I would tell her what I weighed Saturday morning at my WW meeting. I said this at last years appointment, and she (the nurse)  insisted that I step on the scale, but if I didn’t want to look at the number, then I could step on the scale backwards. Um, okay. As I step off of the scale last year, she says my weight out loud as she writes it down! I was so furious, I said nothing. I could feel my face turn beet red from the frustration of it all. I had JUST said I didn’t want to step on their scale, and then she said it out loud like that. Obviously, I share my weight with the world, but what you weigh naked at home, first thing in the morning, and what you weigh fully clothed, three cups of coffee and four hours later, are completely different numbers!! I didn’t say anything to her last year, but when the doctor came in, I talked to her about it. (I think I actually blogged about this when it happened. I’m certain I did. I’ll have to find that.) Anyhow, the doc was great and said….”Oh yeah, she’s kinda particular about the way she does things, but you never have to weigh in if you don’t want to.” I’m like…..”Thank you!!!!”

One year later, (Monday) I walk into the office, she (same nurse) asked me to step on the scale.

Nurse – “Go ahead and step on the scale”

Me – “I’m a WW member, and I just went to a meeting and weighed on Saturday, so I just prefer to tell you my weight.”

Nurse – “I can’t do that, I need you to step on the scale. You can step on the scale backwards so you don’t see the number”

Me – “I don’t want to step on the scale. I know what I weigh and I can just tell you what it is.”

Nurse – “I HAVE to write your weight down in your chart! It’s part of the check-in process!!!”

Me – “I understand. Last year when you told me I could step on the scale backwards, as you wrote down my weight, you also said it out loud. I didn’t appreciate it. Let me tell you what my weight is an you can write it down. I weighed two days ago and I know what I weigh.”

Nurse – heaviest sigh and eye roll I’ve ever witnessed!!

She head’s down the hall. I assume I am to follow. We walk into the exam room.

Me -“Obviously, you are really upset about this. The number on that scale is a very important thing to me that I can’t fully explain to you in a matter of seconds or really even minutes. Can you explain to me why you are making such a big deal out of this and why you can not just write down the number that I tell you? I’m not going to lie to you about my weight. I just want to give you the number from the weight watchers scale two days ago.”

Nurse – “This is my job. I have to write down the number that I see on the scale.””

Me – “The doctor told me last year that I didn’t have to weigh if I didn’t want to.”

Nurse – “If I leave that blank, it looks like I’m not doing my job.”

Me – “Can’t you just write down that the patient refused?”

Nurse – “Yes, but it makes me look lazy, like I’m not doing my job!”

Me – “So, your concern is that someone will think you look lazy, even if you take the time to explain yourself and your patients request, but you don’t care that you’ve made your patient uncomfortable?”

Nurse – “Just forget it!”

She ask me about meds. We are both extremely frustrated, but I can tell she is trying to calm down, as am I.

She takes my blood pressure for the second time.

Me – “Were you preoccupied and forgot to write it down?”

Nurse – “It’s 138 over 85. Is that normal?”

Me – “No. It’s usually 110 over 65. I’m very upset right now.”


I tell the doc my story when she comes in, for the second year in a row. She say’s she’s sorry, and that it’s a good thing I didn’t step on the scale because she KNOWS that scales weighs heavy anyway!!!



Okay, that’s my Monday story.


Mike and his co-workers are having a chili cook off today, and his “Team” came over here last night with spouses to cook their chili. We had a great time. I did indulge in two glasses of wine and perhaps a shot of RumChata. I decided to entertain with shots. We all seemed to be on the same page because one of the couples showed up with these!

They’re called baby beers!




Then everyone chipped in and started cooking!







 I made my turkey chili for everyone to snack on, along with these!





But the chili the team made?? Holy Chili! It was made with KC Strip and Bacon! It had Green Peppers and Brown Sugar! It was deeeelish!!! Good Luck Team! I totally forgot to take a picture, but it was thick and chunky and yummy!


Breakfast – Oatmeal Casserole, Grapefruit



Lunch – One Banana



Dinner – Turkey Chili





Coffee with Skim Milk


Lunch – Butternut Squash Chili



Dinner – Turkey Chili




Exercise = Monday, None. Tuesday, Walked 5.5 Miles outside. It felt great!

Activity Points Earned for the Day = 6

Activity Points Earned This Week = 10

Remaining points from my 49 Points Allowance = 0

Alcohol consumption = Monday, none. Tuesday, Two glasses of red wine.

I know where I am at on my points, but literally have to get out the door. I ate little yesterday, I walked over 5 miles, I drank a ton of water, I drank 2 glasses of wine. Not the best “Healthy” choices, not the worst “Healthy” choices. Today will be a perfect day.



“love the life you live, live the life you love”