How Did I Forget?

February 27, 2014

I got busy this morning and completely forgot to write a post!

Here’s what I ate yesterday! 



Two Slices of Toast (Trader Joe’s)

1/4 Cup Turkey Sausage cooked into 3 Egg Whites

1 Slice Cheese, divided into pieces and spread throughout the sandwich




Salmon, Carrots




1/2 Gluten Free Tortilla, 1 T Almond Butter

1/2 Banana, Drizzle of Honey




Girl’s Night Out with some Childhood Friends!


I really liked this place. It’s downtown and had a great atmosphere! Local and lot’s of organic. Lot’s of beers and lot’s of wine.

They have tilapia that they cook that are actually swimming around in their basement! I kinda wanted a tour of the basement after the waiter told us that!

They also slaughter their own meat! Right there!!!

I started with an Boulevard 80 Acre.



I ordered the Tilapia Taco’s on Corn Tortilla’s and Roasted Cauliflower….

…….along with a glass of wine.



All Coffee is served in a French Press! So yummy, I had to experience that too!



Weight Watcher’s Points Plus

I can eat 26 PPV a day.

I can earn Activity Points by doing exercise, and eat them if I choose.

I have an allowance of 49 extra points that I can dip into throughout the week if I choose.

I should drink a minimum of 6 (8 oz) glasses of water each day.

My Weight Watcher Week Begins on Friday’s


Breakfast =  Breakfast Sandwich, Coffee with Skim Milk (6)

Lunch = Salmon, Carrots (6)

Snack = 1/2 Tortilla, 1 T. Almond Butter, !/2 Banana, Drizzle of honey (5)

Dinner = Tilapia Tacos, Cauliflower, Wine, Beer (19)

Total = 36

Exercise = 5K Training, Plus another 30 minutes on the treadmill

How many glasses of water I drank = 8

Activity Points Earned for the Day = 4

Activity Points Earned This Week = 14

Remaining points from my 49 Points Allowance = 12

Alcohol Consumption = One Glass Red Wine, One Beer



“love the life you live, live the life you love”