Ping Pong!!!

March 24, 2014

First, let me apologize for such a late post and such a short post, but hopefully it is a little entertaining?

I will hurry though because it is late in the afternoon and I have a yummy dinner to make and I need to get in my 25 minute run! Yep, that’s right. Todays run will be 25 minutes, with NO stopping!!

I was going to start my “21 Day Challenge” of Meal Plans yesterday, but instead I spent the entire day in bed or on the couch and didn’t keep anything I ate in my belly. Um, I’d like to say it was the flu? However, I doubt it.

Here’s why……

We Hosted a Ping Pong Tournament Saturday Night!



We had sooooo much fun! Too much fun.

But look at how cute those baby Solo Cups are!!!



You can barely see my Tournament Bracket in the background on the easel,

but I did attempt to make a bracket! I was serious about this!



The ladies were serious too!!



Several games, and hours after starting…..Mr. Competitive (my husband)

and his partner Sidney, won the championship!

We had a ceremony….an actual (step up on the platform) ceremony.



The losers got prizes too!

Paddles for practicing for our next Tournament…



…and a mini bottle of Fireball!



I told the girls that I wanted ONE more picture.

I reminded them to look their best and put their chin’s up!



Even after winning the Gold Metal, Mr. Competitive needed more play time!

He is SO serious!



Okay…I made Sub Sandwiches for everyone, and they all brought great dips for snacking on. I think I took two bites of a sandwich, and possibly two bites of each dip. When I host, I keep busy and hardly eat, unfortunately I usually do have something to drink in my hand. 

The whole idea was to have friends over for a game night and a have a lot of fun.


I really had planned on working on a menu plan yesterday, but food was the LAST thing on my mind, so I’m working on that today!

I plan to have 21 Days of a variety of foods throughout the day that will include one or two snacks each day. I will change up breakfast and dinner each day, and try to have a bit of a variety. I’ll have omelets, but fill them with a variety of foods. I’ll eat a lot of chicken, but change it up a bit with sides and different preparations. Lunch for me is usually kind of boring. Leftovers and salad bars are a popular choice, but I think a lot of people keep lunch simple, so I’ll stick with what I usually do, but still try to maintain a variety.

Sorry for my delay in my great idea of a “21 Day Challenge”! My great idea for a Ping Pong Tournament got in the way!!

Do You Have Game Night??



I did pick up my REAL Medal today for participating in the St. Patrick’s Day run!! Whoo Whoo!!!

I didn’t even know we GOT medals!!



Let me finish this post with……I have been having a lot of fun lately. Fun that involves food and beverages. I know that the fun around food and beverage does NOT help me where the scale is involved. Please don’t think that I don’t know that. I do. I’ve just kind of been ignoring it lately.

My “21 Day Challenge” will include any weekend Food and Beverages that I consume and I will keep it all within the 26 to 30 PointsPlus range. No game playing for me where “shot” are involved.

That being said….I hope you all have a Great Evening, and I look forward to sharing with you tomorrow all of the yummy and point friendly food that I ate today!


 “love the life you live, live the life you love”