The Trolley Run!

April 27, 2014

I was a little nervous for the 4 Mile Trolley Run this morning. I had a couple of beers after mowing the lawn yesterday, then some wine last night at a neighbor’s house. I basically skipped dinner, and woke up a little puffy this morning after not drinking enough water yesterday. Not the best physical condition to go RUN four miles. I really hadn’t even decided if I was going to run it, or walk most of it. 

We got all lined up. There were over 10,000 participants. The crowd was pumped, I was starting to feel pumped. The temperature was perfect, and all of a sudden, I decided I would run to the three mile marker, no stopping. Not for a drink, not to tie my shoe, not to catch a breath. Just run. My little, nice, slow pace. So I did. Around 3.25 I took a short break, and counted out 50 steps, then started running again. I did that two more times, and crossed the finish line strong. At the end, I felt like I had kept a fairly good pace (for me anyhow) and I was anxious to get home and look up my time.

I was going to be pleased with anything less than a 12 minute mile. My pace?

11:49!! Barely! Yay!!

Feeling pretty darned good for a girl that doesn’t like to run!!

Big Thanks to Rebecca for encouraging me to keep singing up for races!! You Rock!!



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