Thanksgiving Table for 20, Please.

November 21, 2014


When I rolled out of bed yesterday morning, (it’s not just a metaphor, sometimes I literally roll out!) I went to my coffee corner. Staring me in the face was a baggie with a leftover corn muffin in it. That corn muffin seemed to be staring at me. I really wanted to make that first morning cup of coffee, heat up that muffin, drizzle it with honey and gobble (hello, it’s almost Thanksgiving…..gobble…get it?)  it up! Instead, I threw it away. I promised myself that I was going to have a great week, and Thursday is day 7 of my WW week! I didn’t want to blow the last day of my awesome week! Eating that muffin would have sent me into carb cravings for the rest of the day for sure!

Part of me hated that I couldn’t just let that muffin sit on the counter and have it not bother me. A better part of me likes that I have figured out that trigger foods in the house give me major anxiety. The best way to deal with preventing that anxiety, was to simply throw the muffin away and go on with my morning.

Thanksgiving Prep!

Mike and I are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year, We offered to give Mike’s mom a break and she surprised us and took us up on our offer!

We’ve hosted once before, (maybe twice?) and I truly think that I have just as much fun setting the tables and decorating as I do cooking!

We don’t have a formal dining room, but we do have a fairly large eating area with one big long table that can seat 10. I’m bringing in some smaller tables too, moving lots of stuff around, and I feel like I am setting up a tiny restaurant! I spent the entire morning rearranging and rearranging and rearranging until I had it all figured out!

I can now seat 24 and we just might need it!  It’s going to be so cozy! Do I have 24 plates???

After spending my morning playing restaurant, I got on the treadmill for 3 miles, then it was time to head out the door!

I picked up Samone, my little sis, at school and we headed over to my mom’s house to help her do a little set up work for our Sunday Thanksgiving meal at her house. We do two meals every year, and my side of the family is a tad smaller. While there, we enjoyed a little pumpkin bread and a couple of games of Yahtzee with my mom! I can’t remember the last time I played Yahtzee, but I love that silly game. I’m not one to brag, but I kicked both of their butts!

That Treadmill

After getting back home and out of the cold, I was glad I had made enough of my Mom’s V-8 Soup to have it for dinner two nights in a row!

After dinner, I forced myself to get back on that dang treadmill and get in two more miles as I watched the Chiefs game. (that did NOT end well)

My 100 Mile Walking Challenge was so much easier in September when the weather was so gorgeous and I was walking outside! I didn’t do a challenge in October and I wasn’t nearly as active as I should have been. 

I knew setting a goal for myself in November was what I would need to keep as active as I should be.  I’m a little behind on my 100 Mile Challenge, but I’ve done a great job of getting in the yoga classes, which I didn’t do so well at in September. There’s only so many hours in a day people!

I have to admit, I have really been having to push myself to get on the treadmill and walk these miles inside!

I only have 10 days left, so I’ll have to get in an average of 5 miles a day to reach my goal!

I’ll do it though. I’m glad I challenged myself. It’s a big food month and I need these activity points!



 Egg Rolls

Now, let me talk about the lunch that I ate yesterday for just a second. Well, its breakfast food, but I ate it for lunch.

I got the idea for this Egg Roll from Danica’s Dalily.

Danica cooks one egg and rolls it up in a corn tortilla with a slice of cheese. It’s awesome!

I like to look at a plate full of food, so I was trying to get a little more bang for my buck! (More food, not many more points!)

I cook 4 egg whites, two at a time in a small omelet pan, then set them aside on a plate.  I tear one slice of Kraft 2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese into pieces and divide it between the cooked eggs.

I heat the small corn tortilla’s, one at a time, in the skillet, for about 15 seconds on each side.



Slide the cooked egg with the melted cheese onto the tortilla. Roll it up!



Just like this!



Repeat with the remaining cooked egg whites and tortilla.



I like to dip mine in salsa!

(I had one tortilla on there just a tad longer than 15 seconds, but it was nice and crispy and I liked it!)



Here are yesterday’s eats!


Light English Muffin with 1 T. Better n’ Peanut Butter

Banana, Frothy Coffee





Egg Rolls, Apple

5 PPV 




Pumpkin Bread





1 1/2 Cups of Mom’s V-8 Soup, Garlic Bread




Weight Watcher’s Points Plus

I can eat 26 PPV a day.

I can earn Activity Points by doing exercise, and eat them if I choose.

I have an allowance of 49 extra points that I can dip into throughout the week if I choose.

I should drink a minimum of 6 (8 oz) glasses of water each day.

My Weight Watcher Week Begins on Friday’s


Breakfast = English Muffin, PB, Banana, Frothy Coffee (5)

Lunch =  Egg Rolls, Apple (5)

Snack = Pumpkin Bread (6)

Dinner = Soup, Bread (9)

Total = 25

Exercise = Walked 5 miles

Activity Points Earned for the Day = 6

Activity Points Earned This Week = 34

Activity Points Remaining This Week = 34

How many glasses of water I drank for the day = 8

Remaining points from my 49 Points Allowance = 6


Chalked up the entry today preparing for Thanksgiving!


“love the life you live, live the life you love”