April 16, 2015

Last week, I tried really hard to stay at 26 points a day. At the end of the week, I was happy with my food choices, and I was happy with the scale. I’ve been trying to get out of the 170’s and back at goal weight for awhile now. I know that the way to do that is to stay at 26 points a day, and get in lots of activity.

At our WW meeting last week, we talked about Negative Talk, and Positive Talk within ourselves. I really used to have a lot of negative conversations about myself inside my head. I’ve gotten so much better at remembering all of the positive changes that I’ve made over the last few years, and the Positive Talks within myself are now much more common.

That being said, here is my confession for Tuesday….

I spent the entire day and night with a friend and I enjoyed a Bloody Mary, a couple of beer’s, some wine and some yummy food! I’m not beating myself up because it’s Life. I would have stressed myself out trying to count everything that I was eating and drinking and I know that about myself. I had a great time. I indulged a bit. I did have cravings yesterday (I think that happens to me the day following some drinking) so I didn’t eat a lot of fruits and veggies, but I didn’t go overboard on the foods that I was craving either.

Today and tomorrow? Exercise and eat 26 Points a day. Right back to the choices  that will get my body where I’d like it to be. 

Sidenote: I’ve also gotten much better about appreciating the body that I have, how strong it is, and that weighing less doesn’t make me a smarter, prettier, or better person. 


Egg White Omelet and fruit.

Pizza for lunch and snacks off and on….and a couple of beers, and a Bloody Mary.

Salmon Dinner and Wine.




Avocado Chocolate Pudding with Walnuts and Banana.

Taco while working the Food Truck

Huge Salad with Kale, Cabbage, Mixed Greens, Taco Meat. Some I stuffed into a corn tortilla.


 I’m out the door to work the Food Truck again today. Busy Week this week!


Have a great day!


“love the life you live, live the life you love”


4 responses to Life……

  1. April 21, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    Your comment made me realize that although I want to get back to my goal weight of 160, I oddly feel healthy and good right now, and it’s making it hard on certain day’s to stay within those 26 points.

    HOWEVER… are also correct that 10 pounds makes a huge difference! Thinking about that makes me want to really go for the “26 points” today!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    Have a Happy and Healthy Day!


  2. Funny you say that about 172 because when I was 167 and working out – tennis, boxing, running races – four years ago ( baby #3 happened in 2012 and derailed me) I knew I wasn’t at my goal weight but I felt really good about my energy and for the most part, the way I looked. Losing wasn’t as urgent as it feels now at 179. Ten pounds doesn’t sound like a lot, but it makes such a difference!

    I am taking your words to heart today and thinking “veggies first”. Also going to do give simply filling a try…maybe I need to shake it up!

  3. April 20, 2015 at 12:58 pm

    I am actually completely satisfied with 26 points if I stick to fruits and veggies and lean protein. It seems to be the socializing that gets me in the most trouble!! Honestly, there are days that 172 feels super healthy and it just doesn’t bother me much. Other days, I’ll get a glimpse of myself in the mirror, or not like the way a certain piece of clothing fits, then I’m “I WILL ONLY EAT 26 POINTS UNTIL I GET BCK TO GOAL!”

    I will get there. You will too!

    Thanks for sticking with me Nicole!

  4. I find sticking to 26 points really challenging, in terms if managing my hunger and the time required to plan and prepare tasty, filling and nutritionally correct meals. It’s been a battle to get out of the 170s for me as well, which is one of the reasons I visit your blog. I feel like you’re going to do it Julie. And I guess part of me is hoping some of that magic will wear off on me. Anyway, I appreciate your posts and effort and I always come away feeling a little more energized toward this whole weight loss thing.