The Spirit of Christmas

December 4, 2015

I hope we are always able to continue our tradition of everyone coming over at Christmas to open presents. I can’t imagine a Christmas without the living room filled with everyone (thirteen of us this year) opening presents and watching the wrapping paper and bows pile up and the grandkids yelling with excitement when they open even the simplest of gifts. One of my favorite memories was when one of our grandsons yelled “It’s just what I wanted my whole life!”. I don’t even remember what it was, but I’m pretty sure it was under $10. Ahhh…the spirit of Christmas.

Each year I go nutzo crazy on stocking stuffers (another tradition I’ve carried on from my mom) for everyone, and handing each person their stocking and watching them go through them one item at a time, is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.


I’m practically done Christmas shopping! I’ve never had this much shopping done this early in December. Four adult children, their significant others, and four grandkids, requires a lot of time spent shopping. I’ve joined the “online” shoppers this year, and so far, everything that I have ordered, I have loved.

Yesterday, I spent the morning waiting at home for a delivery that was to come between 9-12, and I was to get a call 30 minutes prior to delivery. Sweet. I’ll get a few things done around the house, then head out the door to do a little more shopping.

The delivery came at 1:45, and there was no phone call. I had literally just decided to leave the house, but stay close to home for a phone call, when I opened the garage door and the delivery truck pulled up. I am not good at waiting, but in the spirit of Christmas, (I will assume they were already overwhelmed with Christmas deliveries), I was kind.

After my delivery, I did some of that old fashioned offline shopping where you go out and look at stuff. You know, in the spirit of Christmas kind of shopping. I have not had a Starbucks Nonfat Latte since the beginning of October, and I decided in the spirit of Christmas shopping, I really wanted one. It actually didn’t taste as good as I remembered. 

My friend sent me a text yesterday to say she missed me at Jazzercise. (I already went twice this week!) I sent her this picture and explained that I was Christmas Shopping. Would you believe that JUST from this picture she guessed that I was at Tuesday Morning?? She is the shopping Queen!

(I swear I have lips.)


After shopping, I came home and made a kick ass salad for dinner. Mike said his mouth was “bursting with flavor with every bite”. I am not making that up. I told him I had to use his quote in the blog. So there. I did.

After his huge compliment, he had the nerve to check his phone while I was in the middle of telling him a very important part of my day (how my latte didn’t taste that great, or something equally important) so I didn’t talk to him the rest of the night, except for when I told him good night, and that I loved him, and that he was a poopy head. I said it all with a smile because I was still in the spirit of Christmas.

Okay, let me talk Weight Watchers. I’m off to my meeting. I am hoping for a little clarity on the new update to the app. I didn’t track my food yesterday or Wednesday. I ate like I usually eat, so I’m not concerned about points, but I can’t find the calculator? None of my food pictures were too appetizing yesterday anyhow, so I’ll just give you two highlights from the last two days.

I made this awesome Buffalo Chicken Casserole from for dinner on Wednesday. It was even better leftover for lunch yesterday! It’s basically a ton of veggies, including spaghetti squash, chicken, mayo (the whole30 kind) and hot sauce. Yummmmm.



I made this Fall Salad with Apple Maple Vinagrette from last night. You guys…..Chicken, Bacon, Hard Boiled Eggs, Roasted Butternut Squash, Dried Cranberries, Pecans, Apples, homemade dressing, and possibly something that I am leaving out. This was the dish that had Mike’s mouth bursting with flavor.


Both meals were delicious!

Happy Friday!

I hope you are also in the Christmas Spirit, or the Holiday Spirit, or any Good Spirits. I just hope you all are happy.


“love the life you live, live the life you love”


10 responses to The Spirit of Christmas

  1. December 7, 2015 at 2:50 am

    I couldn’t believe my latte didn’t taste good to me. I used to get at least one a week. Some weeks two or three. Always a Grande Nonfat Latte with one pump of sugar free something. Usually vanilla or caramel. Just to be sure, I got one the next day, and it didn’t taste good either. Black coffee now taste delicious, but I actually have always liked a good cup of black coffee. I haven’t made one of my Frothy Coffee’s at home yet. Wonder if that will taste good?

    I’m sorry you are struggling since Thanksgiving, but I know that’s common, so you are not alone my dear. I’m so excited that you did 21 days of the Whole30! That’s awesome! I love the idea of reading the book again. I seriously love that book.

    I’m doing pretty good on my food, but those darned cocktails have worked their way back into my Friday’s and Saturday’s, and maybe a Tuesday or Wednesday! Dang!! Tis the season??

    Okay, I am NOT tech savy, but that made me giggle.

    Have a great December!! Thanks for commenting. I always look forward to hear what my sister has to say.


    P.S. I check my emails daily to see your kitchen. I’m not kidding.

  2. December 7, 2015 at 2:42 am

    “big discussion on the playground” Cracked me up!! I can only imagine.

    Hope you are having a great December!


  3. December 7, 2015 at 2:41 am

    Thank you Sarah. Hopefully the bugs are getting worked out. I’m sure they are. I might have to sneak in a meeting before Friday to understand why I have more points now? Not that I’m complaining of course.


  4. December 7, 2015 at 2:39 am

    Tami, Thank you! Thank you! That was driving me crazy that I couldn’t find the calculator. I feel silly now that I didn’t see it there.

  5. December 7, 2015 at 2:38 am

    Hi Cathy,

    I loved reading your Christmas traditions! It’s always fun to hear what other families are doing and what traditions are passed down.
    I’ll keep blogging. It keeps me sane. Okay, half sane. Okay, maybe not sane at all, but I’ll keep at it anyhow.

    I promise you that eating whole foods is much easier than I thought that it would be!

    Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for reading.


  6. I admire you for having the right kind of the “spirit of Christmas”. I, on the other hand, am sporting the spirit of Christmas “Starbucks style”! =) I really enjoy Starbucks, but to have one is a real treat for me and I would say on average I maybe have one per month (if even that). So WHY am I now obsessed with collecting bonus stars during their “12 days of Christmas” promotion?? You get three bonus stars if you purchase their promotion of the day, and then if you participate for a certain number of days, you get ADDITIONAL bonus stars…. I am now checking my email before I fall asleep at night to see what the morrows offer is…. need I say more? …I need to check myself in somewhere… =)
    I am REALLY struggling…. was on the whole 30 for 21 days – lost weight and most importantly, lost all food cravings and FELT AMAZING!!! Then Thanksgiving rolled around and I thought I had a good plan. It may have been, but I have not been able to regain control – I don’t understand myself as every night I go to bed feeling super yucky all over – mentally and physically! ARGHHHH….
    I am heading outside right now to soak up the last few rays of sunshine, and start re-reading the book which inspired me so much the first time….
    Tuesday Mornings – yes, I think I’d recognize that store from your pic too… Perhaps its the shelving? We used to have that store here less than 5 mins from my work, so was a perfect place to go poke around on my lunch hour… so sad when it moved, but I have a beautiful rug in my living room as a fond memory! =)
    p.s. I haven’t forgot to send you pics of my kitchen – I’ve been too busy feeding my sugar dragon to down load pics from my phone, to my computer, then figure out how to get them in an email to you…. I really wish I had about 10% of the tech savvy that you have!!
    Loved the hubby “I’ll show him by not giving him the pleasure of my talking to him” story – by our 50’s we really have that “pouting” down pat don’t we! ha
    Here’s to a new week – Ronda

  7. I don’t have a family but since I teach little children I see the Spirit of Christmas.
    Today’s lesson the difference between St. Nick and Santa Claus—-big discussion on the playground.
    Your fireplace looks ready for Christmas.
    Oh I would never of guessed Tuesday Morning maybe Ollie’ s.

  8. I know what you mean about the calculator! I finally found it though…it is in the quick add icon. At the top a button switches from quick add to calculator. Hope this helps…I have been having trouble signing in to the app. I’m sure it takes a bit to work out bugs.

  9. Hi Julie – Love your mantel!
    I found the calculator!!! Go under quick add and there’s a tab for quick add, which automatically comes up, and then next to it is calculator. The tab is near the top towards the left. Merry Christmas!

  10. I enjoy your blog so much! Hey, and I do the same thing with stockings. I make sure each one has the same amount of presents cause they pull things out one at a time! And they have to guess what it is as they feel it and before they pull it out. 😉 I also hide a nutcracker everyday and the winner picks from an array of prizes. Keep the blog coming. You’re inspiring me to give the “whole food” version a try after the holidays. Merry Christmas!