What Happened?

February 26, 2016

Before we went on vacation, I found myself tracking less and less, while still eating whole foods. Part of me was being lazy I suppose by not measuring and weighing my food and knowing exactly how many points I was eating. Part of me convinced myself that I was “safe” in the point department because I was eating whole foods. I was eating meats and veggies, fruits and nuts and eggs. That has pretty much been my diet since October, and I feel really good. I feel strong, I feel rested and I feel healthy.

My last few WW meetings, I haven’t looked at my weight. Two reasons. One: I’ve started looking at the scale less and less because I am one of those people that can really let that number on the scale determine my mood, and I don’t want that to happen. Two: I didn’t want to go on a beach vacation feeling frustrated about what the scale said. I wanted to go and have fun and not worry about how much I weighed.

In the past, the weeks before taking a beach vacation have been filled with worry about what I wanted to weigh, and whether I would reach my goals or not. I know I didn’t go on this past trip weighing my lowest, but I did go on this trip feeling more confident than I have in the past. All good, right?

So, we go on vacation, and I eat and drink everything in sight, knowithg that as soon as I come home, I’ll be right back to making healthy choices. I have know since coming home that I would weigh in on Friday and look at the scale. I feel like after eating and drinking everything that I wanted, I need to know where I’m at on the scale.

Yesterday, It was like I went into total panic mode! I binged. I binged pretty bad. I hadn’t done that in a really long time. I can’t even explain it. Part of me knew that today I was going to start back at tracking faithfully and losing any vacation weight, so it was like I was getting in as much food as possible because I knew after today, I wouldn’t be able to? The weird thing is, I’m not hungry on Weight Watchers. I’ve learned how to eat the right amount of protein and vegetables and fruit, and not be hungry, and still lose weight. I have no idea what happened yesterday, but it wasn’t pretty, and I went to bed last night feeling really frustrated with myself.

I feel better writing it all down. I usually do when I mess up like that. I had a weak moment that has hopefully passed. I’m off to my meeting. I need it bad.

Today is a new day, a new WW week, and my mind feels fresh and ready to forget yesterday.

Here is yesterday’s disaster.


Maybe I spent too much time in the kitchen yesterday, and it triggered a binge?

Sweet Potato Buns, Grilled Zucchini, Egg Whites, Sliced Avocado, another Sweet Potato Bun and caramelized Red Onions. It was really good! I was playing Stackable Food Day in the kitchen I suppose. I also stacked some berries and banana’s and SunButter.

Sometimes, I procrastinate important things, like bill paying and laundry, and play with my food.



Leftover’s from Wednesday night. Rotisserie Chicken, Chicken Apple Sausage, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Brussels Sprouts and Cooked Sweet Potato, all tossed in a skillet with a little Olive Oil, Ghee and Salt and Pepper. Topped with a little homemade Mayo.



Basically the same thing as lunch. I added bell peppers and asparagus to this skillet, and topped it with an egg.


Snack’s…otherwise known as binge food.

Un-Pictured (Who binges, and takes a picture of their food first? However, that would have likely stopped the binge.)

Nuts, dried fruit, 2 banana’s, strawberries. Maybe something else that I can’t think of.

I had two of these yesterday. I shouldn’t have purchased them. They were 10 for $10 at the store on Wednesday. I don’t even know if that’s a good price! It was kind of like when I put them in my cart, I knew it was a bad idea. Total trigger food for me. I need to get rid of the rest of them. Maybe I’ll give them away at my WW meeting today. They are 8 Smartpoints each!



I ate the whole bag. I think it was 27 SmartPoints.


Okay, I’ve pulled myself together and found my sense of humor.

Have a great Friday and thanks for not judging, unless of course you’re judging.



“love the life you live, live the life you love”




7 responses to What Happened?

  1. julesfarm@yahoo.com February 27, 2016 at 3:02 am

    Hi Pam,

    I’m so glad you went to a meeting. I needed mine too! And you so right about the cycle, and the struggle IS real.

    I giggled when you said you shouldn’t keep food in your house. I so get that! I could binge on carrots and celery!!

    You will NOT throw in the towel. You’re in this with me!

    Thanks for being a loyal reader and for taking the time to comment. It always means a lot to me.

    Have a great week and congrats on going to a meeting and facing that damn scale.



  2. Totally get the binge eating episode…its been happening to me on and off for a few weeks. Went to my WW meeting today, the first time this month, and boy, the scale was not my friend! The meeting was just what I needed though, and I am completely owning this. It’s all stress and emotional eating, that leads to guilt, that leads to more binge eating. I obviously should not keep food in my house! But I haven’t given up, haven’t thrown in the towel, so I’m not calling this a failure. I will get this going on the right track again, I can do this. Thanks so much for your dedication to your blog…it surely does help me. The struggle is real!! – Pam

  3. julesfarm@yahoo.com February 26, 2016 at 10:06 pm

    First, thank you. I think being honest is what helps me the most. Facing the bad days along with the good. Others tell me that it helps them too, and then that reminds me that bad days are just a part of life….and it’s okay.

    Absolutely WW works while avoiding grains and dairy. I’ve had fun trying things that I may not have tried before, and since I’m not drinking milk in my coffee any longer, or eating cheese, I have more points during the day for other things.

    Good luck to you and thanks for reading!


  4. julesfarm@yahoo.com February 26, 2016 at 10:00 pm

    I know you’ve been reading the blog for a long time and you are on your own journey. I am so glad you are still reading and taking the time to comment. Thank you for always sending the positive vibes and kind words Nancy.

    I know you won’t give up. Keep those positive thoughts in motion and have a great weekend! Hopefully we both have sunny days!



  5. Jules – always love reading your blog! I , too, had a bad binge day this week . Thanks for letting us all know we’re human! Good luck🍇🍑🍉

  6. Should have, could have, and would have—-this seems to be on my mind lately.
    The scale is going up ever so slowly.
    I eat a donut at school and then skip my lunch to make up for it but it’s not working.
    I know you have to set goals and make plans to make them happen but
    My NO seems to be broken and I’m saying yes to everything.
    I haven’t given up and I know I can do better.
    Sunshine and warmer weather will help.

  7. I love your posts BECAUSE you aren’t perfect all the time! I’ve just returned to the KC area from 4 years abroad and am ready to start my “diet.” Can WW work while avoiding grains and dairy?