Work, Play, Food, Yoga, Fall??

September 25, 2016

Thursday was the first day of Fall, and I celebrated by prancing around all day in this shirt, drinking out of this cup. No joke.

I think the temperatures were in the 90’s??? Ugh. I am so ready for cooler weather, crockpot meals, fire pits and Pumpkin Spice Everything.


Before prancing around in that shirt, I worked (officially, not as a trainee) as a receptionist at a WW meeting. I already feel like I have a connection with a few of the members there since I’ve had the opportunity to train at that location over the last few weeks. I am loving this job!

I am enrolled in Leader Training in Dalls the first weekend in December, so hopefully by the end of the calendar year I will get to lead a meeting. I am loving the roll as a receptionist, so I’m good where I’m at for the time being.

I took advantage of my employee discount. I’ve had my eye on these wine glasses. They have a nice etched line on them marking a 5 oz, a 6 oz or an 8 oz serving. Now, as long as nobody tops off my wine while I’m not looking, I’ll be able to track that beautiful red.


I met up with a fellow blogger Thursday afternoon. Thanks for all of your knowledge and great tips Dawn! You can check out her blog at Joyful Scribblings. She has all sorts of great info ranging from travel, books, food to home decor. She knows her stuff, so if you have some free time, check her out!

Thanks to Dawn and her knowledge, I spent a little time updating some of the blog recipes to include a Recipe Card!

I updated my recipe for Mom’s V-8 Hamburger Soup from PointsPlus to SmartPoints and it now has a recipe card included in the post. This should make it easy to print the recipe off and add it to your Fall Soups!


You may have noticed that I made Chicken Salad and decided that it needed a post.

One Cup = 6 SmartPoints


I did update most of my Side Dishes to include the Recipe Card and an update to SmartPoints if points were included in the recipe.

It is my plan to update more recipes to include a recipe card and the SmartPoints. I’ll keep you posted as I get those updated.

Friday was spent working the Food Truck Frenzy in Lenexa, which was crazy busy and LOUD!! We had a line the entire day! This was the view out of my window while waiting on all of these kind and hungry people!


Friday night was a quiet one at home grilling in my pj’s and enjoying my new wine glass.

Dinner was Grilled Chicken, Grilled Asparagus, a simple salad and Cauliflower Rice.


Saturday started off with a Hot Yoga class at 8:00 am, followed with a yummy breakfast bowl at home. 

Sauteed (Olive Oil – 1 SP) Red Bell Peppers, Zucchini, Red Onion and Pre-cooked Roasted Butternut Squash, I added the veggie mix to Scrambled Egg Whites (1 SP) and Pork Sausage (2 SP), all topped with Avocado Slices (2 SP).

6 SmartPoints.


Saturday night I went to a birthday party for Stacy, my Yoga Instructor. it was an entire party full of women from the Yoga studio. It was great to be able to chat with these ladies outside of the studio. I hope we are able to have more social time together. It was a great evening!

I made these Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates to take the party. They are 3 SmartPoints each, but they are a crowd pleaser!

img_9046 img_9055

I love this girl! Happy Birthday Stacy! You’ve created a space for me to feel strong, confident, calm and happy.


The Yoga Challenge is going great and my thighs are really feeling it. Have any of you checked out Yoga with Adriene? I would love to hear about it if you have. I told Stacy what I was doing, (15 days of Yoga) and she knew exactly who I was talking about when I told her about Adriene.

Last week at WW, we talked about tracking. All that talk about it, then I have been awful about it these last few days. I had the scale going down and I am really wanting to get back to goal weight.

This week….tracking!

I have no idea what today has in store for us (besides this ridiculously long blog post!). It is our “dating anniversary”. We went on our first date 20 years ago this weekend!

Typically we go to the Plaza Art Fair. It’s rainy and blah outside right now, so we are debating a lazy day at home watching Football, or an afternoon movie and dinner out?  It is now almost 2:30 pm and I am still in my pj’s. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend!

I’m crossing my fingers for some Fallish weather to get here!

Mentally, I am feeling it!

feels like fall

“love the life that you live, live the life that you love”


2 responses to Work, Play, Food, Yoga, Fall??

  1. September 26, 2016 at 2:45 am

    You are just the sweetest.

    Thank you for always making me smile. You have a good week too!

  2. I hear told there is a saying: good people have a light that just attracts other good people.
    I would say you are an example of this.
    Have a good week.