Cleaning Up and Catching Up!

November 30, 2016

My plan over a busy and rather long Thanksgiving/Birthday holiday was to make the best choices possible, drink plenty of water and get in lots of activity.

Seven of the eleven nights that Tess and Manuel were here visiting from Dallas, we had something on the calendar. I had a family birthday party one day, a small birthday party with some girlfriends another day, then dinner out on my actual birthday, we had two baby showers, one a party at night with couples, the other at a winery during the day, of course we had Thanksgiving Day, and we had a family sleepover the day after Thanksgiving. I did say “no” several times to food and beverage, but I also said “Yes” more times than I should have to food that I didn’t need, and of course to, beer.

These last three days have been filled with clean eats and lots of water and my body is feeling much less bloated and happier. I’m cleaning this body up and it is thanking me already.

Here are a few pics from my Thanksgiving break that was filled with family, fun and a little food too.

Friday morning, Tess and I headed to my WW meeting with our Frothy Coffee’s and a Pumpkin Spice RXBar to share.

At the meeting, Tess weighed in at her goal weight for six weeks in row. If you are a WW member, you know that means that Tess got Lifetime on Friday!! Yay! I am so proud of her for sticking with WW and learning so much about living a healthy lifestyle. She looks amazing and I am so happy for her.

We celebrated with food. Just kidding. We did, however, go out to breakfast.

First Watch. Breakfast Taco’s, no cheese, egg whites and sub fruit for the beans. I ate two of the taco’s and was satisfied, so I left a taco on my plate. Yay me. No guilt about leaving food on my plate.



Friday night was a little family get together at Top Golf for my 50th. It was a tad chilly if you weren’t sitting directly under one of the heaters. Snuggling helped too.




Papa gave a few lessons…..



The little ones did great!



How cute is she?



The men may have been just a tad competitive. (insert eye roll here)




Saturday morning, Tess and I played with my new toy. I bought a Waffle Iron. I have no idea what took so long.



Let’s just say, we were learning as we went along. 


We ended up making four different flavors.

Plain, Pumpkin, Vanilla Protein and Bacon and Cheddar. The Bacon was my fav!!


Saturday afternoon, a nice 4 mile walk for Tess and I while the boys took a nap. 

Saturday night we went to a couples baby shower and had a great time catching up with friends, hanging out at the bon fire and watching the happy couple open gifts!

Sunday, church with our son Jake and his wife Jordan, then brunch. We’ve discovered a Cinnamon Chip pancake at First Watch, so we ordered one for the table and we all shared. Yummmmmm. You guys…I love breakfast and I love First Watch.



Tess and I also shared this yummy Chickichanga? It is chorizo and chicken wrapped in an egg and a flour tortilla, topped with some kind of yummy sauce. Again. Yummmmmm


Then… football and the couch! Such a great Sunday.

I asked Tess and Manuel what one of their favorite weekend meals was. They both agreed Fajitas made with the marinated steak and chicken that they buy at the Mexican market in Dallas. We have a Mexican grocery store fairly close and I thought that sounded delicious, so we went to the market.



Manuel grilled up some skirt steak and chicken.



We had enough meat for the whole block! Fajita’s for dayzzzzz



Dinner was AWESOME!



The rest of the evening we spent in the basement. Mike and I kicked their butts in several games of Pool. 🙂



Monday, a pedicure with Tess and a small get together with friends celebrating ME! Happy Girl.

I stole this picture from a friends snapchat. 🙂



Tuesday was my actual birthday, so Mike and I and Tess and Manuel went to a bar (of course) that I had been wanting to go to AND a restaurant that I had been wanting to go to.

Both were great!

The bar is called Ruins Pub. There is a wall of beer! The waitress/waiter gives you a card, you place your card on the tap (there’s a chip in the card), and pour your own beer. You are charged by the ounce. This allows you to try a few different beers and only have a few ounces of each. Love it!



Wednesday was a chill day working at the food truck, then to an annual Thanksgiving Eve party in the neighborhood.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, filled with fun, food and of course family.

Every once in a while, the burning bushes still have their leaves on them on Thanksgiving and make for beautiful pictures!

20161124-img_9892 20161124-img_9913 20161124-img_9926 fullsizeoutput_2241


You guys… face looks huge. Thats what several days of crap food does to me!! Is that a wig I’m wearing?? What the heck?? Really, this is not a great picture of either of us, but I had to include it. Lets just focus on that bush!! It’s gorgeous!



Friday…family sleepover!




Ornament making.


img_0241 img_0240


Puzzle time….



Saturday morning, we had breakfast casseroles, made all sorts of waffles, drank coffee and hot cocoa.

Then, everyone left us.

I spent the day decorating for Christmas and got in a walk.

Sunday, I got up early and went to Hot Yoga and began my Thanksgiving Detox.

Just before heading to the airport, Tess and Manuel finished the 1000 piece puzzle they had worked on for the past 11 days!


It was a great Birthday/Thanksgiving holiday and I was so happy to be able to spend so much time with all of our family.

Now, Weight Watchers and how I handled the Holidays.

Here is what I have learned about my body. Just over a year ago, I gave up a lot of different foods to see how my body would react. My body loved what I did for it, so I continued to do so. Over the last two months or so, I have gradually brought some of those foods that I had given up, back into my diet. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Weight Watcher plan or SmartPoints, but how my body feels when I eat, or do not eat, certain foods.

My body is not a fan of sugar, however my taste buds are. After several days of sweet treats, I really was beginning to feel like crap. My joints hurt and I felt sluggish. Mike said the exact same thing. We had gone for so many months having none of it in the house, then we both went on a sugar overload and it did NOT feel good to our bodies.

I’m not saying that I will never eat sugar again, but I do know for sure that I need to limit it.  After just a few days of clean eating and lots of water and exercise, the scale is back at my happy place of 172 and I feel like me again. 

My next post will be all about officially Leading a WW meeting in just a few short days!!

Happy Wednesday!



“love the life you live, live the life you love”


4 responses to Cleaning Up and Catching Up!

  1. December 1, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    I have always loved those burning bushes!!

    Happy to bring back a memory to you my friend!

    Hugs to you!

  2. Absolutely loved all the pictures! Also loved seeing the burning bush, it brought back memories as we had those when we lived in eastern Oregon but I haven’t seen any in years. Beautiful! By the way, we always make Christmas ornaments over Thanksgiving as well!

  3. December 1, 2016 at 4:46 am

    I am so excited!!!!!

  4. I can’t wait until you next post–pre-congratulations on your first meeting and so many more.
    Those members are in for a real treat.