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December 30th

December 31, 2016

I’ve been eating an abundance of sugar since before Thanksgiving, when all of the sugary treats started challenging me. 

I’ve now lead some Weight Watcher meetings and admitted to the group, that along with some of them, I fight the sugar demon and likely always will.

I un-decorated yesterday and cleaned out the fridge and pantry. I decided that I was ready for the New Year a couple of days early. I hated to wait two more days and give myself an excuse to over indulge.

I spent the day at home yesterday organizing and never did make it to the grocery store. I made a big thing of Tuna Salad, and that was my meal prep. We still had a few fresh veggies to add to our meals.

We started the Netflix series The Crown, and I have a feeling we are both going to be stuck to the couch for a few nights.

I’m back to tracking every bite and shooting for three meals and one snack daily.

Here are yesterday’s eats..

Breakfast – 4 SP

Egg White and Veggie Omelet topped with Smashed Avocado, Berries and 1 tsp Almond Butter



Lunch – 6 SP

Tuna Salad made with Mayo and Mustard, Cucumbers and Celery. Tomatoes and Carrots.



Snack – 7 SP

RX Blueberry Bar



Dinner – 11 SP

The rest of the Tuna Salad, Tomatoes, Grapes, Plantains


Total – 28 SP

Please be safe tonight and a very Happy New Year to you all!


“love the life you live, live the life you love”

2016 Review

December 31, 2016

I seem to begin each “Year in Review” stating that everyone should journal. It really is so great to be able to look back through the year (or years) and see what has happened in life. If you journal regularly, it’s a great way to see all of the wonderful things that happened throughout the year, but also to remind yourself of challenges that you may have faced and how you worked through them. Before the blog, I journaled in notebooks. When I would go back and read through them, I realized that most of my journal entries were about a challenge, a struggle or a down time. I wasn’t journaling about the good days, unless it was about a vacation or an event. The great thing about making the commitment to blog regularly (or journal, since that really is what it is) is that I’m blogging about day to day life, which includes the struggles, but also includes all of the great things that have happened throughout the year.

If you are considering blogging, even if it is just for yourself, please look into it! Not a blogger? Go old school and journal in a notebook. You may be surprised at how much you learn about yourself as you are journaling and how much you learn about yourself when you look back at them later. This is a subject that I have repeated time and time again, but it truly is a great tool.

Okay, 2016. We had a lot going on, but the really big news for the year?

We are going to welcome grand baby number five in March and grand baby number six in May!! I really do love watching our little family grow.

Watching the family grow only makes us want to continue to be healthy so we can enjoy all of the little ones!

This year, we really did change what we eat. I incorporated more whole foods into our diet, we eat out less and less and we now eat less processed foods and less sugar (well, less sugar before Thanksgiving got here, then all hell broke loose!!). I feel good about this past year and our health and happiness, and now it’s time to look to the New Year and see what we can do to keep feeling good and set goals for 2017.

Here is 2016…


I was ready to start the New Year off right, so I was all about cooking clean, eating right and turning one of our spare bedrooms into an exercise room.

IMG_8534 IMG_8458 IMG_8432



I traveled quite a bit this year and I loved it!

The highlight of the month was our annual Mexico trip with this crazy group! We are already to go for February 2017!!




I went to visit my daughter and we played in her apartment hanging things and organizing, and did lots of food prep!

IMG_9798 IMG_9791


I read this book and highly recommend it!




Mishka had a stroke, and somehow is still hanging in there. We celebrate her 15th birthday on New Year’s Day! Happy Birthday Mishka! You’re like 105!!



Mike and I went to Dallas to meet the parents!! That’s right, things are getting serious in Dallas with Tess and Manuel.



We did a bunch of clowning around while we were there. If you’re new to the blog, Tess works for Southwest in Dallas so Mom and Dad fly for free!



We’re dumb.



Our trip home wasn’t so much clowning around though. Emergency landing! It’s all good though. Nobody was injured and we got vouchers for future travel!




I did my one and only 100 Mile Walking Challenge for 2016 and my first and only Give Away on the blog. It was a great success. I guess I need to do that again!

Latiffany was my winner and she rocked it!




I spent hours, I mean HOURS cleaning out the garage and selling anything I could find in the neighborhood garage sale, then look who came home and filled up my beautiful empty space!

Lol. He has been talking about a “weekend” car for a few years now. He is having a blast with his new toy, and I don’t mind it much either. 



I was picked as a Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Blogger! Pretty cool, huh?




I bought Roller Blades, and went one time. What the heck??? I keep them in my trunk in case I get the urge!




I took quite the adventure and went to Boston by myself where I spent two nights in an Airbnb and saw the sights of Boston.

IMG_4968 IMG_4983 IMG_4995


Then I rented a car and drove to see my niece in New Hampshire. I went from the big city to the woods.

IMG_5369 IMG_5293 IMG_5433 IMG_5447 IMG_5459



I got the job! After a long process of emails and phone calls and interviews, I finally was hired by Weight Watchers as a Leader!




It was a really busy month!

Nashville with friends.



Vegas with friends.




I flew straight from Nashville to Dallas to be with Tess on her birthday!




I wasn’t done traveling yet, so I took a trip to North Carolina with some high school girlfriends to the beach house of one of our high school friends.



We made this trip all about turning 50 and being as Fabulous as possible.



We rented boogie boards. I had a few “first” this year!



We had some great chats in the sand.



It’s safe to say that we had a really good time.




I had decided early in the year that I wanted to travel more this year, so I did!

Remember when Mike and I had that emergency landing and received travel vouchers in April? Well, we decided to finally go to NY! I had been wanting us to go for a few years now, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. We both loved it and we want to go back! We will.








Guess who got to goal weight at Weight Watchers in October???

My daughter, Tess.

img_0470 img_0469 img_0468 img_0467 img_0466


The day after Thanksgiving, we had our first Family Sleepover with all of our kids and grand kids. I hope that this was our First Annual. I loved it!



The kids made ornaments and put up the Christmas Tree and Stockings.

img_0241 img_0238


Papa Mike taught Malik how to play Chess. It was a great night and morning!



I turned 50!! Basically, I celebrated all month long, no different than any other birthday really. (By that, I mean that I think that you should celebrate your birthday for the entire month, no matter what birthday you are celebrating!) Yes, I’m that person. Try it. You might like it.

A family party for me at Top Golf!



Birthday fun with friends.



Birthday Dinner and Drinks with this guy.



We even found a bar where you can self serve!! Happy Birthday to ME!!




I finalized my WW Leader training in Dallas! I can not think of a better way to end the year!



I am super excited to see what 2017 has to bring.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my Goals.

Do you have 2017 Goals?


“love the life you live, live the life you love”

A Short Catch Up!

December 30, 2016

Monday was one of those days where everything seemed to go just right! I woke up early and had a productive morning at home and I had a WW meeting to Lead as a sub for a co-worker (that last part of that sentence makes me really happy).

The meeting went really well. We talked about what is different now than it was at this time last year. I did a lot of Bravo celebrations for behavior changes of the members over the last year. I was really happy with how the meeting went and I hope that the members were too. They had a lot of great things to share and I was impressed with how many members came to a meeting the day after Christmas.

After work, a long overdue walk outside with my friend Becky. I think we walked 3.5 miles?

Later, dinner out with some family.

I went out of town Tuesday afternoon with a girlfriend for a little R&R and came home yesterday afternoon.

Now it’s time to do some serious reflecting and goal setting.

Are you ready for the new year?

What are you doing now to improve your health that you were not doing one year ago at this time? (Guys, this is a mini WW meeting!)

What do you plan to do to improve your health in 2017? (Have you thought about this yet?)

Are you taking some time out of each week for yourself? (I really think that this one is SUPER important!)

I would love for you to comment and see what some of you have learned about yourself this past year, and what some of you plan to do for yourself in 2017.

I plan to post my 2017 goals tomorrow, but for now let me just say that I have NOT been the best WW member these last few weeks. Thanksgiving to Christmas is always difficult for me as I know it is for many of us. The snacks, the parties, the unexpected treats. My eating behavior around the holidays has improved so much over the last several years, but I am far from perfect.

After the holidays, I look forward to January as a time to recharge, restart, organize and eagerly jump into the new year.

I’m starting today by taking down Christmas, doing some serious housework, reflecting and planning. It could be a two day ordeal.



Happy New Year to you all. Be safe, have fun and think about what it is that you will do for yourself in 2017. Then, tell me all about it!


“love the life you live, live the life you love


Christmas had a different feel to it this year knowing that none of our kids would be going to bed in our house on Christmas Eve and waking up with us on Christmas morning, but Mike and I managed just fine and it looks like I’m going to live. (Such a drama queen sometimes….ugh)

Christmas Eve day we slept in a bit, then I whipped up a Breakfast Casserole.



We relaxed by the fire and I had lots of coffee!



I was trying to eat as smart as possible before our Christmas Eve plans, so we had Leftover Sloppy Joe fixin’s for lunch.



Christmas Eve night, we met several family members for Mass. After Mass, Mike and I went to a friends house for a Christmas Eve Open House. Growing up, my parents hosted a Christmas Eve Open House each year and invited pretty much everyone that they knew from family to long time friends to neighbors and co-workers. I continued the tradition for a long time, but as our kids got older, it became more difficult to plan Christmas around our kids and grand kids and also host the Open House. We might just be at the stage in our lives where we start that up again? It’s on the table for discussion anyhow.

The Christmas Eve Open House was great! Our friends parents hosted and we saw a lot of friends, played games, met some new people and had a gift exchange where you get to steal each others gifts. Such a fun night!



The first gift opened was a Pumpkin Pie! Luckily, it was stolen and dead before I had a chance to steal it myself!



Here’s the gang. Great time had by all.



Christmas morning, Mike and I made waffles (and by Mike and I, I mean I) and watched A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott. I have never watched that movie and I have no idea why. It was a great Christmas morning.



Then to Mike’s parents for lunch. She always has the best food!

Ham, Brisket, Scalloped Potatoes (just a few), Salad, a Deviled Egg and a few crackers.


Then to my mom’s for dessert where I had a small sampler platter of cookies and pumpkin bread.

After a fairly quick visit with my mom, Mike and I met his brother at the movies. We saw Collateral Beauty with Will Smith, and while I knew it was going to be a tear jerker, I loved it.

Then to a bar. I know. Not a very traditional thing to do on Christmas, but I really didn’t want to sit home and our KC Chiefs are having a great year! Why not watch with a few fans? There were limited places open, and the bar that we found was only serving drinks and pizza. Okay! Chicken and Red Onion on my side, Italian Sausage and Hamburger on his side. Yes, we took some home.



Cheers! The Chiefs won!


One of the best parts of Christmas Day while sitting in the bar, was our family group text. We have a group text that has been going for a while now that includes all of the kids and Mike and I. We were all someplace different and we were all sending pictures of what we were doing and sending goofy text messages. Oddly, it felt like we were all together.

Christmas traditions change, and I’m okay with that, especially knowing that all of my kids are safe and happy and we feel connected, even via text messages.

While our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were very different this year, we had a great time enjoying new traditions

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!


“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Our Family Christmas

December 24, 2016

I’m having a heck of a time blocking out some time to sit down and write this inspirational and meaningful Christmas post, and it just isn’t going to happen, so this will have to do! No time for editing today. It’s Christmas Eve!

Tess and Manuel were here until Monday afternoon. We had lots of coffee….


Enjoyed some traditions….


Played games….


and spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking up some yummy food.

We celebrated Christmas last weekend with our traditional Family Open House. We invite lots of extended family over for goodies and fun, then our kids and grandkids stay late and we open gifts. We’ve done this for several years, and it allows our kids to not feel like they are running all over on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day trying to get a visit in with everyone.

On Saturday, the snow started falling and the roads were starting to ice up, so we had to cancel Christmas (What???) and reschedule (Oh, okay) for Sunday. Not everyone was able to make it on Sunday, but we had a great day and knew that changing our plans to Sunday was the safest scenario. 

Here are just a few pics from our Christmas!











Since we had to change things up a bit, our grandson Alex had plans already with his dad, and couldn’t be there. It really stunk too!

Okay, this is my daughter in law, and she may not like it, but I LOVE this picture. Grand-baby number five is in her belly!



Manuel had some serious Chess happening this visit! He taught Tess to play too!



Hello, Santa!



That face!



So basically, everyone knows how to play Chess now, but me.



And this pretty much say’s everything about Christmas that there is to say.


Christmas feels a little different this year. While I know that waking up without your own kids at home is a part of life, this is the first year that Tess isn’t here for Christmas morning, and I’m just not quite ready for that.

Mike and I have a full evening planned tonight and a full day tomorrow.

I’ll get another post up soon about how I’ve handled the food and drink challenges this past week and how I’m Leading Weight Watcher meetings! Excited to share!

How are you getting through the Holiday parties? Are you planning for success? Are you getting in some activity and drinking your water?

I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!


“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Happy Mom

December 16, 2016

Tess and Manuel are here from Dallas for a few days to celebrate Christmas. When Tess comes home, she likes to crawl in my bed in the morning and we have some great chats.

Yesterday, that happened and we got all caught up while snuggling with the dogs.

After breakfast we decided to chill on the couch, enjoy a fire and watch a movie. It was a pretty good morning!

Later, a few errands, a relaxed afternoon, then Tess and I went to a Hot Yoga class at 6:30. That’s three days in a row of Yoga for me! 

For dinner, I roasted up two big trays of Veggies. Butternut Squash and Brussels Sprouts, Carrots and New Potatoes..


I also sautéed a bunch of veggies in the skillet. Onions, Zucchini, Mushrooms and Bell Peppers. I added to the skillet a few Chicken Apple Sausages and some Rotisserie Chicken. (I also tossed in some of the roasted potatoes and carrots.)


We should be set on a veggies for a few days!

I’ve got a few things to finish up before tomorrow’s Family Christmas here. 

Have a great day!

Here are yesterday’s eats…

Breakfast – 8 SP

Egg White Omelet filled with Asparagus, Bell Pepper, Sausage and Sweet Potatoes with Berries on the side.



Lunch – 4 SP

I just wanted a bite of something, so I grabbed this leftover Turkey Burger out of the fridge and ate it cold, while walking around the house. I’m weird like that sometimes. (Wow, I should have gotten a manicure along with my pedicure the other day!! I seriously can’t see my hands even with my readers on nearly as good as I can in this picture!!) (Oh….and this looks more like a picture of a cookie than of a Turkey Burger!)



Dinner – 10 SP

A bunch of veggies, Chicken Sausage and Chicken! I had a little more after this bowl.





“love the life you live, live the life you love”

I Didn’t Eat the Pie

December 15, 2016

Yesterday started off with coffee at a friends house with a few girlfriends. I walked in the house to the smell of coffee and this…..


I LOVE Pumpkin Pie. Are you kidding me right now?

I just had coffee.

After some good girl chat, I was home to prepare for a Weight Watcher meeting. We have to lead two meetings after training that we are critiqued on, then we’re good to go Lead meetings! For some reason, I was a nervous wreck about leading yesterdays meeting. I just didn’t feel as prepared as I did last week when I did my first meeting. I was overthinking everything.

I went to the meeting. It was an At Work meeting. Here is the funny part. The meeting was at an office park where we take the food truck once a month throughout the year. I knew the people!

“Hello, I’m Julie. I’ll be your WW Leader today. Yes, I also serve you Burgers at the Food Truck that are approximately 35 SmartPoints. Maybe order the Taco’s without the tortilla.”


Only four people were able to stay for the meeting due to schedules and holiday deadlines, but they were super nice, we had a great connection and the 30 minute meeting flew by quick! I felt like it was a good meeting and they walked away prepared to manage their week and future Food Truck visits. lol

I can now sub for other Leaders and I will hopefully get my own meeting soon!

I’m ready!


Later in the afternoon, I finished up some Christmas things on my “to do” list.

I made these little treat bags for stocking stuffers. Aren’t they cute? I bought the bags at the Dollar Tree and I filled them with Trina’s Pumpkin Spice Granola!


img_1821 img_0300 


At around 6:00, I changed clothes and headed out to a Hot Yoga Class. With it being so cold here, Hot Yoga felt great!

After Yoga, I heated up some leftovers for dinner and snacked on a few carrots.

I can’t even right now.



I kept myself busy right up until about 11:00 pm, then headed to the ariport to pick up Tess and Manuel. We got home at 1:00 am, and I don’t think I was asleep until about 2:00 am.

Today is actually going to be fairly chill. No schedule. No place to be at any certain time. Just enjoy the kids and the Holiday Season today.

Here are yesterday’s eats….

Breakfast – 2 SP

Un-Pictured Banana at home and Coffee at a friends with Creamer

Lunch – 9 SP

Salad with Mixed Greens, Rotisserie Chicken, Egg, Apple, Pecans and homemade dressing.



Snack – 5 SP

Larabar Mini Peanut Butter Chocolate

Dinner – 10 SP

Turkey Burger topped with Smashed Avocado, leftover Sweet Potato Fries and leftover Roasted Brussels Sprouts tossed in the skillet with some Red Onion and Olive Oil and a Berry Bowl.


Make it a great day!

Right now…..I need me some coffee!


“love the life you live, live the life you love”

My Bad Ass Friend

December 14, 2016

When I first met Antonia and found out a few things about her, I was like Holy Sh*t! This woman is a real bad ass!

Have I told you about her? I think that I have, but perhaps not by name. Antonia and I were hired on the same day by Weight Watchers and we have done most of our training together. We came home from Dallas just a few short days ago as trained Weight Watcher Leaders.

Antonia is pretty awesome. She is a retired air traffic controller and also retired as a Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) after serving 33 years in the Army National Guard. For 18 of those 33 years, she was a helicopter pilot. Pretty cool stuff, huh? I also know that she volunteers in the community and at her church. She’s also a HUGE Nebraska fan (and alumni) and likes to talk football. I just nod. When she was married to her second ex-husband, she went by Toni, and her last name was Truelove. Go ahead. Say it. I’ve heard her tell the story to complete strangers, so I know she will be fine with me sharing. She, like me, is a sharer. Her honesty is one of the things I love most about her.  

I asked her to give me just a few facts about herself for todays blog, and here is what she had to say (text).

Strongly believe that “life is good” and helping others makes it even better.

Mother of a beautiful 25 year old.

First generation American.

Content and happy

Motto –  “how will you know if you don’t try?”

Work-out/exercise just about every day.

Love my alone time.

Detail oriented, I make a “to-do” list every night.

A “to-do” list? What?? I knew I liked her!!

I think that I have this right. Antonia went to her first WW meeting almost one year ago, on Christmas Eve. Guess what? Antonia got her very own meeting and she will lead it for the first time on Christmas Eve at our Prairie Village location! Isn’t that a great story?? I love it! I am so happy that she has a regular meeting. If you are thinking about joining, or if you are a current member and you’d like to go visit, I know that she is going to be great! Did you know that you can attend as many WW meetings per week as you’d like? Yep, ya can! Go see her!

Oh, and she might be a bit of a goofball too. Another favorite trait.


Yesterday, Antonia and I were on our own at an At Work meeting. An At Work meeting is just that. A Weight Watcher team comes to your place of employment and holds a Weight Watcher meeting right there at work! How convenient is that? Yesterday, Antonia worked as a substitute for the regular Leader at that meeting, and I worked the meeting as the Receptionist. To think just a few short weeks ago we were making stupid faces at each other trying to maneuver through all of the At Work paperwork involved in an At Work meeting! Now were old pros! (Okay, we still have a lot to learn, but yesterday felt great to work as a team on our own.)

Okay, I’m done bragging on Antonia now.

Yesterday, I made it to Yoga. I ate two large meals but kept within my SmartPoints for the day and I drank a lot of water.

Good day.

Here are yesterday’s eats….

Brunch – 12 SP

Peppers and Onions, Chicken Sausage, Eggs and Avocado




Dinner – 18 SP

Turkey Burger (Cheese buried under there), smashed Avocado, two varieties of Sweet Potato Fries, Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Apple Slices.



Have a great day!

This is one of Antonia’s favorite quotes!



“love the life you live, live the life you love”

These last four days have been filled with Christmas shopping, Christmas shopping and then some more Christmas shopping. With our family Christmas this weekend, I’ve made a list, I’ve checked it twice, nobody’s naughty, I think they’re all nice.

Each Christmas season, I tell myself that I will simplify things for myself the following year when preparing for Christmas. Although I have discovered a few things that make the holidays less stressful, I always end up doing more than I know that I need to do.

Looking for ways to feel less stressed this year?

Here is what I’m doing so I can enjoy more time spent with family and friends and less time yelling at Mike. That guy takes the brunt of my stress.

  1. If you need to say “no”, or you want to say “no”, then by all means say “no”. Your health and well being likely depend on it!
  2. If sending out Christmas cards is causing you stress, remember that it is okay if you don’t get them out this year. Send out Happy New Year cards, or skip it all together without apologies or guilt.
  3. Will less decorating ease your mind? You are likely the only one that notices how much decorating you do. (My big one this year.) Do less this year if it will make the Holiday more enjoyable for you.
  4. Do you feel the need to continue several family traditions? Pick one and make it really special.
  5. Are you cooking for an army? Cook less items and ask friends and family to bring something if you are hosting. I’m sure most will be happy to bring something.

I did less this year. I’m not sending out Christmas cards, (I posted the picture that I would have used on Facebook and Instagram.)  I put up less decorations. I bought a new artificial tree that went up in about two seconds, I’ve downsized my menu for our family Christmas here on Saturday and we will still have plenty of yummy food and I bought less gifts for our kids and grandkids. I’m not quite guilt free on that last one yet. They may not even notice.

If you have any other ideas on how to lower the stress of the Holiday season, I’d love to know your tips!

Along with shopping, the last four days have included some great impromptu get togethers with friends. I have not made the best choices in the food and beverage department.

Thursday we watched the Chiefs game with some friends here, and while I planned some great low point food, we had some high calorie Holiday beverages.

Friday, I went to a small Happy Hour with some girlfriends, and while I didn’t drink much, the snacks overwhelmed me and I know that I ate too much.

Saturday, Mike and I went to our friends house, where I had drinks and too many snacks.

Sunday, I spent the afternoon with a few girlfriends, and while I made good food choices, I drank wine and really should have passed on the wine. I’m certain that all of my weeklies are gone! If you are a WW member, then you know what that means. If you’re not, well it basically means that I didn’t have any points available to be indulging all weekend.

Monday was much better, but I’ll be honest. I had no evening plans, so dinner was a cinch and there was no beer or wine to tempt me.

Remember when I fell on my knees on the concrete when I fell down the deck stairs several weeks ago? Well, I went to the doctor for a third round of antibiotics (I think I have a chronic sinus infection. I’m going to an ENT on Friday.) on December 1st and when I showed her my knee, she said I needed to stay off it for a while. With the weather being a tad chilly, I’ve made all sorts of excuses to lack on walking, so I’ve been getting no activity for the last several days. With a lack of activity and the extra food and beverage, I’m not feeling like my best self.

Yesterday I made better choices and I’m going to Hot Yoga this morning.

I know that this next week is going to be very challenging when it comes to food and drink, and I do NOT want to say no to friends because I’m concerned about my food and drink choices, but I have got to make better choices. December is definitely my most challenging month.

In order for me to do better, I have GOT to plan, track and blog everything that I am eating every day and I have to get in activity.

I am picking up Tess and Manuel from the airport Wednesday night and they will be here until Sunday. Tess and I promised each other to do a great job of supporting each other and staying on track. (We can talk each other into a beer and a snack in a heartbeat!!)


I hope you all are having a wonderful December! Mine has been busy and although I haven’t made the best choices, I’m feeling really happy and looking forward to the next several days.

What month is your most challenging month when it comes to food and drink?? I’d love to know!

Here are yesterday’s eats…

Breakfast – 6 SP

Egg White Omelet with a little Cheese, topped with Avocado, 1/2 Serving Oatmeal with chopped Apple and Cinnamon.



Snack – 0 SP

Grapes. I LOVE these grapes.



Lunch – 8 SP

Chipotle while shopping. I ordered this Bowl with no Beans, no Rice, double the Chicken (pay the up charge) doubled the Fajita Veggies, Light Cheese, Tomatoes and Lettuce.



Dinner – 10 SP

My favorite Fall Salad, but without the Butternut Squash and Bacon.





“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Shopping, Snowing, Smiling

December 8, 2016

Yesterday was the first day that I’ve done any Christmas shopping (except for a few things that I recently bought online). We are celebrating Christmas here on December 17th!! I’m scroooged. (cracking myself up) I gotta get busy! I’ve got a menu to plan, stockings to stuff, presents to buy and wrap! I have a feeling that no Christmas Cards will go out this year. How is it that the time goes by so dang fast???

I left the house at 7:30 am and came home around 6:00 pm. I got a lot done, loved my day of shopping and sipping on hot tea while I drove around, and to make it all just a bit more festive, we had our first snow flake. They were small, but I liked the feel of the snow flakes falling and I was feeling the Christmas spirit.



While shopping, would you believe that I found a Barbie Food Truck?? Yesterday was my food truck bosses birthday, so I sent her this picture. I pondered buying it for her, but who am I kidding? I would love this WAY more than she would. I didn’t buy it, but I might go back.  The grandkids need to learn Gigi’s food truck order taker skills!!


Besides getting lots of presents bought, I also met my dad and aunt for coffee. 

It was a great day that ended watching Hairspray Live! Did anyone watch? I loved it! I smiled all night long.


Okay, off to do a little more Weight Watcher training. So much to learn!

Here are yesterday’s eats…

Breakfast – 8 SP

First Watch Breakfast Taco’s…No Cheese, Egg Whites



Lunch – 7 SP

These come in handy on the road! I did not take a picture, but I had the Pumpkin Spice. I love them all so far.



Afternoon Snack – 2 SP

I ran home to let the dogs out and finished off the fish and broccoli from the night before.



Dinner – 12 SP

One of my skillet meals that I have no idea what I am making until it is on the plate.

Browned some ground Turkey with onions, celery and carrots. Added tomato paste and broth and seasonings and diced Sweet Potato. Mike loved it and I thought that it was….fine.



“love the life you live, live the life you love”