Christmas…Friends, Movies and Football

December 26, 2016

Christmas had a different feel to it this year knowing that none of our kids would be going to bed in our house on Christmas Eve and waking up with us on Christmas morning, but Mike and I managed just fine and it looks like I’m going to live. (Such a drama queen sometimes….ugh)

Christmas Eve day we slept in a bit, then I whipped up a Breakfast Casserole.



We relaxed by the fire and I had lots of coffee!



I was trying to eat as smart as possible before our Christmas Eve plans, so we had Leftover Sloppy Joe fixin’s for lunch.



Christmas Eve night, we met several family members for Mass. After Mass, Mike and I went to a friends house for a Christmas Eve Open House. Growing up, my parents hosted a Christmas Eve Open House each year and invited pretty much everyone that they knew from family to long time friends to neighbors and co-workers. I continued the tradition for a long time, but as our kids got older, it became more difficult to plan Christmas around our kids and grand kids and also host the Open House. We might just be at the stage in our lives where we start that up again? It’s on the table for discussion anyhow.

The Christmas Eve Open House was great! Our friends parents hosted and we saw a lot of friends, played games, met some new people and had a gift exchange where you get to steal each others gifts. Such a fun night!



The first gift opened was a Pumpkin Pie! Luckily, it was stolen and dead before I had a chance to steal it myself!



Here’s the gang. Great time had by all.



Christmas morning, Mike and I made waffles (and by Mike and I, I mean I) and watched A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott. I have never watched that movie and I have no idea why. It was a great Christmas morning.



Then to Mike’s parents for lunch. She always has the best food!

Ham, Brisket, Scalloped Potatoes (just a few), Salad, a Deviled Egg and a few crackers.


Then to my mom’s for dessert where I had a small sampler platter of cookies and pumpkin bread.

After a fairly quick visit with my mom, Mike and I met his brother at the movies. We saw Collateral Beauty with Will Smith, and while I knew it was going to be a tear jerker, I loved it.

Then to a bar. I know. Not a very traditional thing to do on Christmas, but I really didn’t want to sit home and our KC Chiefs are having a great year! Why not watch with a few fans? There were limited places open, and the bar that we found was only serving drinks and pizza. Okay! Chicken and Red Onion on my side, Italian Sausage and Hamburger on his side. Yes, we took some home.



Cheers! The Chiefs won!


One of the best parts of Christmas Day while sitting in the bar, was our family group text. We have a group text that has been going for a while now that includes all of the kids and Mike and I. We were all someplace different and we were all sending pictures of what we were doing and sending goofy text messages. Oddly, it felt like we were all together.

Christmas traditions change, and I’m okay with that, especially knowing that all of my kids are safe and happy and we feel connected, even via text messages.

While our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were very different this year, we had a great time enjoying new traditions

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!


“love the life you live, live the life you love”


2 responses to Christmas…Friends, Movies and Football

  1. December 30, 2016 at 4:17 pm

    You are so right. I know it only means great things that they have all grown up and are starting families of their own. I guess it was just one of those days that I hadn’t completely planned for in my head. It’s all good now and I think that they are all going to have a prosperous and happy year!

    Hugs back at ya friend!


  2. traditions do change. it is hard at first but then that’s how new traditions start and THEN when you all are back together, it makes it that much more special! I know I loved getting a text from my new friend this year…. =) I remember when I was feeling so blue about not having all my kiddos together, a wise one reminded me “that only the healthy ones leave the nest” , and I’ve often repeated that little mantra to myself and then I feel so thankful that both my kids are healthy AND have found someone so special that they need to share a new family with! hugs, ronda