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Sunday Coffee and a Chat

February 26, 2017

It is late on Sunday morning. Tess, Mike and I have had breakfast and coffee and Tess and I are now chatting blogs, food pictures, recipes, Instagram, and Yoga while curled up in my bed with the dogs and Mike is busy at work in his office.

Tess and I went to Hot Yoga together yesterday morning and it felt great to be there. She came in town early Friday morning and although helping her mom wasn’t her ideal weekend plan, that is exactly what she has been doing. We went for a visit to the nursing home on Friday and it was a nice surprise visit for Ann. After leaving, the nursing home, Tess assured me that some of the difficult decisions that I’ve made over the past couple of days regarding everything in Ann’s apartment, are good decisions and necessary decisions. It’s been a busy weekend taking care of business but it’s nice to have this relaxing morning. We leave for the airport in a few hours.

I can NOT seem to get in a full day of tracking, but I feel like I have been keeping within my healthy eating zone. Am I making the best deciosns and eating a balanced diet? Um, no. Not so much. This week will again be totally out of whack and I know that it will be hard to find time to plan/grocery shop/cook, so I will just make the best decisions possible. We are starting the Food Truck back up on Wednesday. Hope it’s a warm day! I need to have my cousins apartment empty by Thursday and there is still a lot to do. The landlord has been awesome and is giving me until the weekend to have everything completely out.

That’s the week ahead. Here are a few highlights of the last few days. I ended up freezing those Chicken Breast that I grilled up the other night, but I did have some Flank Steak and Burgers to eat.

While doing paperwork Thursday evening, dinner was a cold hamburger patty and a glass of chardonnay. No joke.


Friday afternoon I put my leftover Flank Steak to good use and made these simple Fajita’s on Street Taco Sized Corn Tortilla’s


Saturday morning, Tess and Mike and I all played with the Big Ass Waffle recipe and I chose to make pancakes with my batter. I topped these with berries, Almond Butter, Maple Syrup, Raw Pecans and unsweetened shredded Coconut.


After breakfast, I wrapped up paperwork. I am ready to Lead some Weight Watcher meetings for my At Work group!! It’s all organized and packed up now, but this table full had me busy for a bit!!


Tess and I found a little time in the late afternoon on Saturday for some girl time. We used to go out for drinks and appetizers a lot. Several things have changed over the last year or so and we just don’t do that like we used to. Yesterday? Just like old times.

Blackened Mahi Taco’s, a hummus platter and some Craft Beer.


This morning we had this breakfast bowl. Veggies finally sound good again.


Tess made Donuts! I’ll post the recipe later. I don’t know when later will be. Are you following Mud Hustler like I suggested? It is his donut recipe so you could find it on his page. 🙂

Okay, that’s a wrap for today.

Who is ready to walk 100 Miles in March with me?? 

2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year!

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Love Me a Patio Meal!

February 23, 2017

I am loving this weather, but I think we might in for some cooler temps this weekend.

I enjoyed a relaxing morning at home yesterday, then before heading to my cousins apartment to start going through things, I met a couple of girl friends for lunch on a patio. I even got out the flip flops!!

I took over 25 pictures of myself trying to express just how happy I was about this joyous flip flop event. I’m not even kidding. Sunshine makes me happy you guys and I’ll be honest, I was feeling a little sassy yesterday. (Did I mention that I got a job as a WW Leader??? Feeling all sorts of giddy.)

After lunch, a long packing and sorting day. It was one of those things that was just easier to get started on by myself. So that’s what I did. So much work to do at that apartment in the next week. Ugh.

When I got home, I was hungry and pooped. The other day I bought fruit and meat and a few random veggies at the store. Nothing sounded good and I had no meal plan for the week. Well, we’ve continued to eat out and now we have this fridge full of meat that I planned to cook so I didn’t freeze any of it.

Last night I lit the grill, solved that problem and we ate on the deck. 

Chicken, Flank Steak and Burgers to fill up on this week! (or freeze)

I gotta run. I’m a working girl today. Have a great day!

I didn’t take the time to look up points yesterday, but I got my veggies in and I think I’m good.


I did not eat breakfast outside, but only because I didn’t think of it!

Oatmeal with fruit and 1 T. Almond Butter



Salmon Salad with Olive Oil and lots of water to drink.



Wine….and I decided to go with the flank streak and have a salad topped with tomatoes and avocado and I made some of Trina’s Homemade Creamy Garlic Dressing.

Daily SmartPoints Total = ?

2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year!

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Happy Dance!

February 22, 2017

Yesterday I got my very own Weight Watcher meeting to lead! Yay!

It is an At Work meeting, so I am still not in a traditional Weight Watcher store, but I am so excited to have my own meeting and have the opportunity to meet weekly with a group of awesome people and share all that Weight Watcher’s can do for them! They were a very friendly group and very enthusiastic about getting started. They made my first At Work Information Session a breeze. Keep in mind, I’ve never done any kind of work where I’m presenting in front of a group, but I honestly felt like I was with a group of friends chatting about Weight Watchers. It was so comfortable and I am so looking forward to working with this group of great folks! You guys, I GOT A MEETING!!

I finally got some vegetables in yesterday at dinner. I have really been struggling to track, count and eat a balanced meal these last two or three weeks. We have been eating out way too much, and we did it again yesterday, but I did track everything, I earned myself a Blue Dot (ate within my healthy range recommended by WW), and I even enjoyed some beer while on a lunch date with hubs at an outdoor patio,

I’ve got some paper work to do today. The At Work meetings are a lot like owning your own little business, so I’ve got some work to do!

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

Breakfast – 6 SP

I made the Big Ass Waffle mix and added 1 T. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder, but I was in the mood for pancakes. The recipe makes one great big waffle or one great big stack of cakes! Topped with 1 T. Almond Butter and Banana Slices.


Lunch – 18 SP

When I walked in the door from finishing up my At Work meeting, I was feeling pretty excited about the fact that I now had a meeting. Mike was working from home, the weather was gorgeous, and I was in the mood for a little celebrating. I wanted a lunch date. We took advantage of this crazy unseasonable weather, hopped in the convertible and had lunch on the patio up the street.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich topped with Salsa and Guac (I had them hold the cheese and sour cream). I did not eat the bun, I ate half of the sweet potato fries, and I had two bottles of Bud Light. Um, I was celebrating and I was thirsty. I also downed three glasses of water. We were there longer than I expected soaking up that beautiful sunshine and I loved our lunch date!


Dinner – 8 SP

I worked an early evening meeting and didn’t get home until after 7:30. I didn’t want to cook and I knew that I needed to get some veggies in. I finally forced some in and dinner actually tasted much better than I was expecting!

Bed of Mixed Greens, Tuna Salad topped with yellow tomatoes, carrots and avocado.

Daily SmartPoints Total = 32

2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year!

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

A Short Tour

February 20, 2017

Happy Monday to you all! I know the weather is doing some crazy things in different parts of the country. I hope you were lucky enough to enjoy some unseasonably warm weather. If you are in that deep and crazy snow, I hope you are staying warm and safe and have a stocked fridge and pantry!

Here in KC, where we would typically have snow or ice on the ground, messy roads, cold temps and lots of time spent inside making soups and chili, we had a beautiful weekend that was sunny with temps in the 70’s. We had the windows opened, the dogs lounged on the deck, I grilled out and we took the convertible for a drive. It was good for the mood, that’s for sure.

On Saturday I picked up my mom and we went to visit Ann at the nursing home. Her spirits were good and since the weather was so great, we had a great plan for the day. We drove to the town where her apartment is and met two of her friends at Sonic. We were able to sit outside and have lunch and her friends brought her dog, Gidget.

Her friends have been awesome to her over the years and have done so much for her. They offered to temporarily take the dog while decisions were being made. They told us on Saturday that the dog was doing great and they have decided to keep her for Ann. Prayers just keep getting answered, they really do. One of the biggest concern was what to do with the dog and how would Ann be able to see her dog. I’m so grateful that she has such caring friends. After lunch, we all went to her apartment, grabbed a few more personal things to take with her, then back to the nursing home to hang pictures and personalize her space just a bit. It was a long day, but we left her smiling at the door with plans to get back to visit within the next few days. Now if we can just find a place closer to us where the employees are just as nice as the place that she is now.

When I pulled in the driveway at home, Mike was on a ladder cleaning windows. He had removed every screen on every window on the house. He washed every window, inside and out. He did the first floor on Saturday, and the second floor on Sunday. Now he’s popping Advil like crazy, but with the new light paint color and the clean windows, things really look bright and cheery. 

I’ve had fun changing up the house a bit lately. Giving the hallways a fresh coat of paint has made everything feel so fresh and clean. Of course, now we are looking around the house and looking at all of the other things that we would like to do. We really need new carpet upstairs. You guys, that carpet is 17 years old! We’d like some new light fixtures on the main level just to update. We desperately need two new chairs in the living room. The dogs have really done a number on them. (I have small blankets on the seat cushions covering up the holes!!! I am now finding filling on the floor!) I have no idea why or when they decided that destroying the chairs was okay. 

But….for now. I love my new clean walls.

I have been rearranging things like crazy and it has given the house a bit of a different feel. I like it.

The entry before. Cozy and full. 


The entry at Christmas! I know, right??


Today. Even the dog is confused.


My Hobby Lobby find. I have thought for a long time that it would be nice to have guest walk in and be able to hang a coat right there!


I bought this piece in the West Bottoms in Kansas City at the vintage shops. I love this piece. Lots of storage too. It’s full of candles.


My busy little hallway.


I really want the perfect piece for this wall since everyone will see it as they leave our house. I’m going to be super patient and enjoy the simplicity of the clean wall while I shop for the perfect piece!


The powder room. It was a dark gold before with a dark brown glaze that I played with years ago. This room looks so different.

I found this mirror at World Market and I absolutely love it! I hope to find an equally cool new towel bar since I took the plain white one off of the wall before the painters came.


I found this at Hobby Lobby. Half price! $22! Perfect for that little wall in the bathroom without being too much!


Before. Upstairs hallway coming out of our bedroom.


Today. That mirror is old and huge and ridiculously heavy and while I don’t actually love it hanging there, I hate to go buy a mirror that really only Mike and I will see, when we already have one that we can use. The Grandfather clock belonged to my grandma, and it’s a keeper!






I found these at Target. I love the natural wood and the gray in them. I also thought the brown color would look great with the banister, since it seems as though we will not be going darker on those for a while. I kinda like em light.


The cedar chest? It’s a family piece. I can’t let go of it. I’ve had it in different bedrooms at the end of the bed, but it’s home is here for now. This hallway is kind of big and I like the way this feels there.


This is the only busy wall I’ve done. Not too busy, right?


Upstairs still. Different view.


Clean and simple. (I could get used to this simple thing.)


I’ve been moving things around like crazy to just to switch it up a bit. My mom used to (actually still does) rearrange furniture ALL the time! It’s just what we do I guess. I get bored. I like change. Sometimes moving things around can give them a whole new life!

This sewing machine belonged to my grandma. My brother had it in a garage sale a few years back for 10 bucks. I just about punched him in the face when I saw it in his sale! (I’m being dramatic.) I brought it home and experimented with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for the first time. I think it’s cute, but wish I would have picked different colors now. This has been in our entry for a couple of years now. I want the entry to look completely different and I am limited on where I can put this sewing machine. Tess suggested I try here. We’re going to try this for a while since I moved the piece that used to be here. I think I need a gigantic round mirror over it with a really cool finish? One day. Maybe.


This is the piece that was where the sewing machine now sits in the living room. Mike and I bought this at Hobby Lobby over 17 years ago for $150? We have never had anything sitting in front of these windows and we both really like this here! When I Google Farmhouse Modern decor, I see all sorts of pieces like this for big bucks!! Feeling pretty happy with our 17 year old Hobby Lobby purchase.


This little iron piece is another of my West Bottoms vintage finds. It was sitting in my busy hallway by the powder room, and now it has a new home here by the red chair that yes, I also bought in the West Bottoms. 


My desire to change the look of the house up came from that piece on the mantel. I found it in the West Bottoms (Of course I didi!) at one of the vintage shops just before Christmas. I set it up there as a Christmas Tree for the holidays, but decided to keep it around. I like the raw wood and the gray/grey color. Now I can’t decide how I want to spell gray/grey?


My friend decorated the mantel after the holidays and at first I wasn’t sure, but now I love it.


Mike and I are both ready for a new Kitchen wall color, but until we decide what that color is, (I think I want white walls?? Light cream, almost white?) I’m simplifying and rearranging a bit. I found that cute little shelf on the right at Target and that’s my look I’m going for right now. It’s a keeper for sure.


I bought the Flour, Sugar, Coffee and Tea Cannisters in the west bottoms too! I am simplifying here though, so Flour and Sugar are in the pantry for now.

That’s all of the new wall hangings for now.

Since I started feeling not so great, the only foods that really sound good are cold fruit and pancakes or waffles. Cooking dinner doesn’t sound appealing at all and I have no taste buds for vegetables. I eat vegetables all the time! I gotta get a grip on these taste buds and just cook up something that I know that I will like, whether it sounds good to me or not. We have been eating take out and going out to eat way too much. I finally made it to the store yesterday, but my grocery shopping was me strolling through the store waiting for something to sound good. Nothing ever did. I stocked up on fruit, grabbed some meat and bought just a few veggies.

I said I would track the other day and count points and do all that great stuff, then I didn’t. When I got home Saturday from our rather long day, all I wanted to do was sit on the deck and have a drink. So I did.

Thanks for being such great readers and friends.

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Not Loving February

February 18, 2017

What a crap month so far, but thankfully, the weather here in Kansas City has been absolutely gorgeous these last several days. I think we reached a high of 73 yesterday? It was beautiful. Today, more of the same. I hope you are experiencing some wonderful weather too!

I finally started to feel better this week. I gotta tell ya, February has just been a crap month. I still can’t believe that we weren’t able to go on vacation, but for so many reasons, it ended up being best that we were in town this week.

Mike had a good friend/co-worker pass away this week, and we were able to attend the Visitation on Wednesday night, then Mike went to the funeral on Thursday. I know it would have been hard for him to be out of town and not be able to attend, so for that, I’m glad that we were in town.

My mom and I spent Thursday going to my moms cousins apartment to collect some things to take to the nursing home where we moved Anna into her permanent room. A friend of Anna’s was able to pick her up at the nursing home and meet us at the apartment, so while it was nice to have Anna there to decide what to pack, she was having a hard time knowing that this move was really happening.

One of the hard parts right now for all of us is the distance. It’s a good 40 minute drive from my house to the nursing home. I plan to shop around and look for a place much closer so I can visit regularly and take her out for lunch, coffee or ice cream, but for now, this location had a bed available and they seem to be very nice. I think she is much happier there than she thought that she was going to be. They even let her dog come for visits. Having to let her dog stay with friends has been really hard for her to accept. Everyone at the nursing home has been so nice and the fact that they allow the dog to visit makes it hard to plan to move her again, but I just think having her closer to me and to my mom would be best for everyone and allow us to visit more.

I’m leaving here shortly to go pick her up and go back to her apartment. Now that we know the size of the space, (it’s really really small) she wants a few more things from her apartment. I promised her a Sonic Cheeseburger, which lit up her face like crazy! It looks like its going to be nice enough that we will be able to sit outside and eat! And… I think her friend that is keeping her dog is meeting us with the dog for a visit!

Thursday was a really long day, and today will likely be another one, but again, I’m so glad that we are in town because I don’t really know how all of this would have played out had we been out of town. Thank goodness we have gorgeous weather to be out and about in! This could have been a whole different week if we were having to deal with cold temperatures or snow or ice and move furniture and make the drive.

Now comes the hard part. Storing all of her furniture? Having a sell? I don’t really know the next steps, but her landlord has been very gracious with the extra time we have been given to make these decisions. There have many prayers answered these last several days. I feel like putting everything in storage for now will make the transition a little easier for her. I don’t really know.

This week will be busy, but I am finally getting back to work at WW meetings and seeing all of those members that I love seeing!

I may have a meeting of my own! If it happens, it will be an At Work meeting, so I still won’t be in a store, but I’m looking forward to having my own meeting and a group of people that I get to lead down their own journey. I’ll keep you posted!

I finally was able to hang things on my freshly painted walls. Maybe I can get a blog posted with pictures this week?

I’ve been doing some Yoga, but have yet to get out for a long walk. I feel so much better, but still do have a bit of a cough and some congestion, so I’m trying really hard to just take it all easy.

Sometimes I feel like things just happen like they were meant to happen.

I hope you all have a great day!

Today I am tracking, taking pictures of my food and earning myself a Blue Dot!

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Love Every Day

February 14, 2017

I am finally starting to feel better. Now, if I can just keep it that way. I’m so sad that we had to cancel our vacation this week, but knowing how drained I have felt for the last few days, I know that it was a good decision to stay home. I’m hoping all of our friends are having a great time on the beach in Mexico and I hope to see lots of great pictures!

I hope you all are doing great and feeling healthy through this cold and flu spell!

A quiet day here today. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day today and remember to show Love Every Day to all of the people in your life that carry a special place in your heart.

I was feeling all Hearty this morning, so I made a Heart Healthy Bowl of Gluten Free Oatmeal and topped it with Banana Slices, Almond Butter and a few flakes of Unsweetened Coconut. This is a bowl full of things that I love!

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Big Ass Waffle

February 14, 2017

If you are on Weight Watcher Connect or Instagram, and you love pancakes/waffles, you should be following mudhustler_official for some tasty and low point recipe ideas. He has had great success on Weight Watchers and shares some awesome recipes on his Instagram page. He makes a variety of delicious foods, but the pancake/waffle batter is my favorite right now.

I like his humor and attitude. 

“My points are wicked smart”

“If you’re wicked smart you can eat like a fat kid and still lose weight”

Mud Hustler

He makes a “Big Ass Waffle” (yep, that’s what he calls it!) and everyone is loving it! If you don’t have a waffle iron, you can make yourself some delicious pancakes with this recipe! He doesn’t have his own website or a cookbook, but the dude needs one! Super clever in the kitchen.

I asked him if I could share his recipe and call my post, Big Ass Waffle, and he said “Sure!”!

These two items are a must! I bought the Kodiak Cakes at Target and I ordered the Quest Protein Powder on Amazon (I think you can also buy that at GNC?). There are several other Quest flavors that I have seen Mud Hustler use in different pancake/waffle recipes and even some donut and cake recipes! This is the suggested flavor for the Big Ass Waffle.

Big Ass Waffle
Serves 1
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  1. 1 Scoop Quest Vanilla Milkshake Protein Powder
  2. 1/4 C Kodiak Cakes Buttermilk Flapjack and Waffle Mix
  3. 1 Egg White (or 3 T. Liquid Egg Whites)
  4. 1 tsp Cinnamon
  5. 2/3 C Cold Water
  1. Mix all ingredients.
  2. Make one Big Ass Waffle in your waffle iron.
  3. No Waffle Iron? No Problem. This makes 6-8 pancakes.
  1. One Serving = 3 SmartPoints
  2. If you have a smaller Waffle Iron, you can reduce the amount of water in the recipe to 1/2 C so your waffle doesn't spill all over. I'm speaking from experience here.
The Weight of My Weight
I love how many different toppings and combinations there are for Waffles and Pancakes. Fruit, Nut Butters, Honey, Syrup, Jams and Jellies, Whipped Toppings, Ice Cream, Nuts, Eggs, Bacon……Now I’m really hungry.

On Instagram? Go follow Mud for some motivation and inspiration!

Here are a few of the Waffle and Pancake plates that I’ve made over the last several days.

Big Ass Waffle

I topped this Waffle with fresh Strawberries, Banana Slices and 2 tsp of Honey.

6 SmartPoints


Blueberry Cocoa Pancakes

I added 1 T. of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder and 1/2 C of frozen (rinsed) Wild Blueberries to the Big Ass Waffle recipe for a nice big stack of Pancakes. I topped this stack with Banana slices and 1/2 T. of Pure Maple Syrup.

6 SmartPoints


Big Ass Waffle

This waffle is covered in a variety of fresh berries and drizzled with 2 tsp Almond Butter and 1 tsp Honey.

6 SmartPoints


Cocoa Pancakes – Sweet and Salty

I added 1 T. of unsweetened Cocoa Powder to the Big Ass Waffle recipe for a Chocolate Pancake Plate. I topped these with 1 slice of Crumbled Bacon, Banana Slices and 1/2 T. of pure Maple Syrup.

6 SmartPoints



I topped these pancakes with heated (I buy these frozen) Wild Blueberries and 1 T. warm Almond Butter

6 SmartPoints


Now I gotta go make his Donuts that are 1 SmartPoint each!

#bigasswaffle #BAW #waffle #pancakes #delicious #wickedsmartpoints

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Hot Tea, Pancakes and Waffles

February 12, 2017

A friend of mine sent me a text message letting me know that she had put a Peach Tranquility Tea on my front porch this week. Was that just the sweetest? It smelled so good and tasted just as yummy as it smelled. The honey felt so good on my throat. Thanks Beth!

I haven’t had much of an appetite. Fruit sounds good. Oatmeal and pancakes sound good and are easy to fix, and an egg here and there. We haven’t really been eating dinner? Maybe today a trip to the store for a few things. 

I’ll share this new favorite 3 SmartPoints Pancake/Waffle batter recipe later this week, but here are a few different ways that I’ve been eating it these last several days.

Waffle topped with Berries, Banana Slices and Honey.


Cocoa Pancakes topped with Bacon, Banana and Maple Syrup


Cocoa Blueberry Pancakes with Bananas and Maple Syrup

These are packed with protein, so I’m looking forward to switching things up a bit and adding them to my breakfast routine.

So, I bought this shirt to wear to the airport yesterday morning where we would be meeting our friends for our trip to Mexico!

Instead, I am wearing it at home.


This is pretty much me for the last 12 days.

I’ve rested and taken it easy, trying my best to fight the flu in hopes that we would not have to cancel our trip to Mexico yesterday . I am for sure on the uphill, but still coughing and doing that annoying throat clearing thing and fighting a headache. I’m super tired. I just didn’t think we would have a great time if we went. Packing and traveling sounded exhausting. I didn’t want to make anyone else sick. I didn’t want to feel worse when we got there and I didn’t want to regret going, so we stayed home.

Mike has been a real trooper.

Yesterday when I woke up, my eyes were matted shut? What is going on with my body??

I’ll take advantage of this week to keep drinking lots of fluids and resting, but also trying to get in some Yoga and surely by mid week, I should feel like myself again.

It was beautiful here in KC yesterday.  I think we reached a high of 73? Late in the afternoon, Mike suggested I get out of bed and we go for a drive, so we did. It was good to get out of the house and take in some fresh air. We grabbed a coffee and put the top down on the convertible.

You can always find my dad outside piddling with something, building something, painting something, or playing with his ducks, so we decided to take a drive to his house and see what he and my stepmom were up to.

They live in this house that is over 100 years old, and they like old stuff. I like old stuff too. Vintage stuff? I like that word, vintage. I guess I get the love of old stuff from my pops.


That is their vintage trailer at the end. It is a 1967. The blue truck in this picture is dads new truck. His new “old” truck that is. It is a rebuilt 1967 Chevy Truck that he had built so he could pull his vantage trailer in style.  Pretty cool, huh? The guy that built it for him has been working on it for about a year. Dad just picked it up a couple of weeks ago. It’s not quite finished, but should be soon and he is super excited to get it out. Now he plans to give his vintage trailer a fresh coat of white paint and change the yellow trim to blue, to match the truck. I can’t wait to see it rolling down the road.


This is Charlie the duck. While my dad filled Mike in on all of the details of the truck, I chatted with Charlie.


I also strolled through the barn.


It felt good to get out of the house.


Okay, I think I’ll shower and make a grocery list.

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Flu, Day 9

February 8, 2017

Day 9 of this nastiness. My throat feels like there is a jagged rock stuck in it. Or perhaps a small blade. Every swallow, every cough is awful. I feel like my mouth is full of sores, although none are visible to me. I have just a slight headache and I feel tired. Slight fever the first two days, then no fever.

I went back to the doctor yesterday to make sure that the rattle in my chest isn’t pneumonia, and the doc didn’t feel like a chest X-ray was necessary at this time. She also ran a strep test, which was negative. She told me to go home and climb back in bed, avoid contact with people, and rest. I was reminded that this flu can last up to 14 days and all you can do is rest. I feel like I’ve been in bed for three weeks already. I’m taking all of the recommended medicines, drinking lots of fluids and resting. I have done nothing but rest. I did get out of the house on Sunday and Monday so I could go to the visitation and the funeral with Tess for her grandpa. It was an emotional two days and Tess really didn’t want to get sick, so we kept our physical distance, which was hard, because all I wanted to really do was hug her.

Tess went home yesterday, and I climbed back into bed.

I was going to be leading WW meetings this week for a co-worker that is on vacation. That didn’t happen. Antonia, another co-worker, has been awesome about covering everything for me this week.

I missed Char’s (our three year old grand daughter) third birthday party on Saturday and I’m tired of my bedroom walls.

Every day I shower and put on clean PJ’s and spray down the bedroom with Lysol in hopes that I speed up recovery. Nothing seems to be working.

We are suppose to leave for Mexico on Saturday, and I just have my fingers crossed. We did buy the insurance, so we can cancel as late as Friday if need be. Going on vacation and feeling even just a little sick sounds awful. I want to enjoy the food, the activities, my friends, and the last thing that I would want to do is make anyone else sick. I also would hate to go not feeling my best, then have Mike not enjoy his vacation as much as he could be. Fingers crossed.

Weight Watchers and the Flu

The first few days that I was sick, I was determined to continue to count points and track, and I did. The last few days I haven’t been too worried about it. Cold fruit sounds better than anything and hot food doesn’t sound great, however Oatmeal feels good on my throat.

This bowl was topped with Warm Cinnamon Apples and all sorts of fresh berries.

Tess made us waffles and topped them with berries, Almond Butter and Honey. Those tasted great and were soothing.

By dinnertime, nothing really sounds appealing. Last night I had Halo Top Ice Cream. Tasted good, felt good. FYI. If you eat the whole container, I think that it is 10 SmartPoints.

My Cousin and an Update

I’ve been talking about my mom’s cousin but I don’t think that I’ve ever mentioned her name. Ann. Her name is Ann. She has been in a nursing home since last Monday and is really doing well. We have talked on the phone a few times and if you remember, she has a hearing aid and talking on the phone is really difficult. I usually yell, but right now when I try to yell, it just comes out in a whisper, and it hurts. So really our phone conversations are just her telling me what they are doing for her, that she likes them, and that she loves me and will call again the next day. I say “okay”, and she tells me that she hears that.

We have a meeting on Thursday to discuss her future. They have been kind enough to reschedule our meeting as a conference call so I don’t have to go threre. I’m sure none of them want the flu.

Thanks for prayers and positive thoughts on that whole situation, and I hope things continue down the good road for her.

Very Happy News

I shared recently that we are going to have TWO more grandchildren and how excited we are.

Our son Jake and his wife Jordan are expecting their first baby in March. It’s a girl! They are really worried about how jealous Olive the dog is going to be. If you knew them, and the relationship they have with their dog, you would totally understand. 


Then we found out that our daughter Kate, and her fiancé Shelby are expecting a baby boy in May!


Kate has two children, Alex and Charlotte, and Shelby has a beautiful little girl named Sophia. (So we’re even getting a Bonus grand daughter! She is a cutie!!)


And now, our daughter Anne and her husband Cortney are expecting in August! That’s right, we are expecting THREE grandchildren!! So happy for our kiddo’s!

Okay, that was a lot of typing. I’m going to nap now.

2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year!

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

A Positive Mind

February 3, 2017

I’ve filled my mind with positive thoughts over these last several days. I am an optimist. In time, all will be back to normal.

I spent yesterday in bed, again. I watched another favorite movie, Scent of a Woman. I love that movie. I napped off and on all day.

In between naps, I checked my email, and I discovered an exciting one!

In the past year, I’ve been listed on a couple of websites as a Top Weight Loss Blogger. When I look at the other blogs that are on the list, I have no idea how my little blogging corner of the world is discovered by these people, but I must admit, it makes me feel good to be included on these list, and I greatly appreciate the exposure.

I really don’t know the logistics of how blog traffic works or how people actually find my blog, but I made it onto another list!

Happy Day!

Kristina at Fittous put me on her list of Top 50 Weight Loss Blogs You Should Be Following in 2017. Thanks Kristina! I am very familiar with a few of the other blogs on this list, and I am looking forward to checking out the rest of them today! You can click on the turquoise colored badge to the right and check them out!

Some good news was just what I needed it and encouraged my positive mind to continue down it’s positive path.

Mike picked up Tess from the airport yesterday. I’ve done a pretty good job of just staying in my bedroom so I don’t spew my germs all over the house. Tess went to Walmart and bought disinfectant wipes, more Lysol and a mask for me to wear. I’m cooperating, but this mask smells like I have my face in a bowl of Lysol.

I really miss being in the kitchen and cooking up some dinner. When Mike is in his office, I sneak in the kitchen and make something quick, then spray Lysol everywhere and go back to my room. 

Here are yesterdays eats…

Breakfast – 5 SP

Two days in a row of Breakfast Bowl of Oatmeal.

1/2 Serving of Oatmeal bulked up with Banana Slices, 1/2 tsp Chia Seeds, 1 T. Almond Butter and Wild Blueberries. I buy frozen unsweetened Wild Blueberries. I like to heat these up and pour them over my oatmeal. The juice is so sweet, and with the Banana slices, no additional sweetener is needed. So good!


Lunch – 7 SP

Almond Butter and Cold Fruit were about the only things that sounded good yesterday.

I follow a few people on Instagram that eat Almond Butter on Sweet Potatoes. I tried it one time, and I just didn’t get it. For some reason, I decided to try it again.

This tasted so good to me yesterday afternoon. 

Half of a baked sweet potato (150g), sprinkled with Cinnamon, Sea Salt and 2 tsp of Trader Joe’s Almond Butter. Fruit with Cinnamon.

Snack – 4 SP

Un-Pictured Medjool Date, no almond butter

Dinner – 12 SP

Same dinner as the night before, but the dinner portion, not the lunch portion that I had the other night. It ended up being too much food, and I didn’t eat it all, but it did taste good.

Chicken Hawaiian Skewers with Pineapple, Zucchini, Bell Peppers and Red Onions, Steamed Broccoli, Potatoes


Daily SmartPoints Total = 28

2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year!

“love the life you live, live the life you love”