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March 24, 2017

I got to walk with Becky yesterday. We can walk and talk and get in some miles without even thinking about it. My pups needed a short walk after too in order for me to get in 6 miles yesterday.

Yesterday was pretty packed and I am feeling really caught up on things around the house. I even pulled all of the weeds from the landscape last night after dinner and I trimmed down all of the monkey grass! That makes your back feel great!! (not)

Yesterday morning I made a “to go” breakfast before walking out the door just before 7:00 a.m. Toast with a smashed Banana and Almond Butter. It was too messy to eat while I was driving and by the time I had reached my destination it just tasted gross. I ate a few bites before realizing it was truly disgusting and threw the rest away. Why did I think smashed banana would taste good on toast??


After working an early WW meeting as a receptionist, I went to First Watch and ate a delicious breakfast!


After breakfast, I went to what will hopefully be my second At Work Weight Watcher meeting. I actually knew a few of the ladies there from my personal meeting. I would love to be able to lead this meeting and I should know by the end of the day if enough members sign up!

I ran a few errands late in the afternoon and I found this at Target.

It was mostly fresh ingredients and I thought it might be a good thing to keep in the fridge for a quick meal to add some protein to. The container is one serving and is 11 SmartPoints. I took it home for Mike and I to share with our dinner. I only had 1/4 of it due to the points and I did like it, but 11 Smartpoints was high for a meal with no protein if you plan to eat the entire container, in my opinion. I’m sure the Smartpoints were high due to the dressing.

Right before I went into Target, I was talking to my daughter on the phone. We were talking about what we were having for dinner. I told her I had some hamburger and I wanted to grill out but had no idea what we were having.

When visiting her in Dallas one time, we went to a restaurant that served Burger Bowls. They were SO good! She reminded me of that, so Burger Bowls for dinner!

I believe the one we had in Dallas was a bowl of Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Greens, Burger, Bacon, Egg and Cheese?

I made His & Her Burger Bowls for dinner.




It was pretty delicious.


I topped His with Cheese, Mayo and Tomato. Mine had Tomato, Red Onion, Dill Pickles and Smashed Avocado. 

That wraps up yesterday’s eats!

Pre-Breakfast – 2 SP

A few gross bites of Toast, smashed Banana and Almond Butter

Breakfast – 9 SP

First Watch…Two Poached Eggs, 1/2 of the Potatoes on my plate, Dry English Muffin, Fruit. I loved dipping that English Muffin in my Soft Poached Eggs!


Lunch – 4 SP

Leftover Chicken Fried Caulirice


Snack’s – 0 SP

Pear and Blueberries



Dinner – 14 SP

Burger Bowl and 1/4 Serving of the Nourish Bowl from Target. Also included in these SmartPoints…the bites I took after dinner.

Mixed Greens, Roasted Butternut Squash, 4 oz 90%/10% Beef Burger, Tomato Slice, 25 g Smashed Avocado, Red Onion, Dill Pickles

I thought it might be missing some additional condiments or dressing, but after chopping it all up, the tomato and avocado coated everything just right!

After dinner…..

I had points left, so I had 1/2 Burger with a smear of Smashed Avocado. 

Daily SmartPoints Total = 29

2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year!

Have a great day!!


“love the life you live, live the life you love”


8 responses to Mostly Food

  1. March 25, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    The burger bowl was yummy. The hubs loved his too. I like the Sandwich Thins, but I forget about them. I don’t eat much bread, but I do like the Light English Muffins and as I type that out, I think a burger would taste yummy on a toasted English Muffin! Ha!

    I learned a long time ago that if I push half of something to the side of the plate at a restaurant, or put it on another plate or saucer at the table, it’s much easier for me to not eat it. Some days easier than others.

  2. March 25, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    Ha ha. Right? I had seen someone eat that on Instagram and it sounded great. I think it just sat in the car too long. I might have to try it again, but on an English Muffin??

  3. March 25, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    The dressing was in the container in a separate package. I could have likely only used half, but didn’t think of it at the time.

    I did love the Burger Bowl!

  4. March 25, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    I was so glad that my daughter reminded me of that! I’ll be eating a burger like that again soon!


  5. Love the burger bowl idea. I started using Sandwich Thins when I eat burgers I make. I am not a real bread eater and don’t care for hamburger buns so these work out perfect. You were a trooper leaving 1/2 of the potatoes. I couldn’t have done it.

  6. While I was reading about your banana almond butter toast I was thinking …yum!!! Sad to hear it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be!!!

  7. Is the dressing already on those Nourish bowls??
    I don’t usually like the dressings they put in those salad bags.
    I like the idea of a hamburger bowl and I might try that this weekend.

  8. The burger bowls are a great idea. I’m going try them.