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I Didn’t Even Throw Up

December 8, 2016

I did it. I lead my first Weight Watcher meeting. I didn’t throw up, or stutter, or go blank in the middle of a sentence. I imagined everyone in their underwear and the meeting went great!.


But just to make them giggle, I did think about asking them to take off their clothes so I wouldn’t be so nervous. I decided to relax, be myself and utilize the tools that I learned in training over the weekend.

There were about 40 members in the meeting and they were all so nice and welcoming. I know what it is like to go into your WW meeting, only to discover your fabulous Leader has a sub. Yesterday, not only was I a sub, but I was brand spanking new!

Carol is my mentor/trainer and the Leader of the meeting that I was able to do Tuesday morning. She has been wonderful to me and I feel really lucky to have her. She promised me that this was a great meeting and that they would all welcome me. They did. I felt comfortable and they were a sharing bunch, which helped the meeting to flow nicely. Although I have a lot to learn, I was pleased with how my very first meeting went.

From that meeting, I went with Carol to a different meeting where I was scheduled to work as a receptionist. Shortly after we opened the doors, two of my friends (Thank you Becki and Tammie! You girls rock!!) from my own personal meeting showed up to watch me lead a meeting! What? How awesome were they to come watch me? They made me feel so good, but I was not scheduled to lead that meeting. Of course Carol overheard them, I introduced them all, and Carol practically insisted that I lead the meeting, so I did. Two under my belt!

I will say that I was unprepared mentally to do a second meeting and for some reason my nerves kicked in. I didn’t do nearly as well at the second meeting as I did the first, but I did remember to do a few things that I had missed at the first meeting. All in good time.

I could not be happier right now. It feels so good to get to give back to the Weight Watcher community. What a great group of people to be associated with!!

Here are yesterday’s eats…

Breakfast – 7 SP

Okay, it was a different flavor, but I did have an RXBar and a Banana. I had the Apple Spice and I loved it!



Lunch – 6 SP or 12 SP??

I bought this salad at Trader Joe’s at 3:30 in the afternoon and I was starving. When I got home, I dumped everything from the container into a big bowl, mixed it all up and ate every single bite. It made a huge salad. After I finished eating my salad,  I scanned the barcode with my Weight Watcher App for the SmartPoints. I did not realize that the salad was two servings. The app said that it was 6 SmartPoints for 1 container, however, the container said that it contained two servings. When I entered in the individual nutritional information on the package, the WW app said 6 Smarporoints.

I really don’t know if I ate 6 or 12 SmartPoints for lunch. Either way, it was a really good salad!




Dinner – 5 SP

Pretty simple. Cod prepared in the skillet in Olive Oil, Smashed Cauliflower, Broccolini sautéed in a skillet with just a little Olive Oil and Sea Salt.



Make today GREAT!




“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Officially official!

December 6, 2016



What a great weekend. I must say, this was a whole new experience for me. I’ve never worked at a job where I’ve been to any type of formal training. I was really anxious about the weekend and I had a lot of fears and anxiety going into these last three days. I think my biggest fear, as I’m sure was felt by so many of us at Leader training this weekend, was standing up in front of a group of people and speaking.

A large part of me had decided that since I was so comfortable talking and sharing in my own Friday morning Weight Watcher meeting, that it wouldn’t be a big deal. Another part of me knew that now all eyes would be on me, and I just might be a nervous wreck. 

What did I learn this weekend that will help me the most in being a Successful Weight Watcher Leader?

Be myself. Listen to my members. Get to know my members. Do not overthink how I will word the next question that comes out of my mouth, but listen to the person that is speaking.

The first couple of times that I did any role playing this weekend, my nerves were all over the place. I will say, that as the hours went by, and as we all were able to get to know each other just a little bit better in our small groups, the nerves started to fade just a little. Don’t get me wrong, I was still really nervous on our last role play, but I felt like I worked through it a little better, and I felt like I was actually leading a meeting. My small group was great at participating. We all helped each other work through a Mock meeting by offering up a part of our real story and our personal experience as a Weight Watcher member. I only cried once and it was a one on one role play that I was doing with my new friend, Helen. I got really wrapped up in the moment!!

These are just a few of the amazing people that I was able to share my Leader Training in Dallas with this weekend. What an awesome group. So many great stories, so many nice and interesting people. I wish I had a chance to chat with all of them just a bit more, but the ones that I did get the opportunity to know just a tad, were all so nice.


There were new Leaders from all over the United States. I think that there were 29 of us? We were split up into two groups, so it was hard to get to meet everyone. I know that we had Leaders in training who have reached Lifetime status and we had Leaders in training who are still on their weight loss journey.

I met one new Leader who had lost 20 pounds to get to goal and I met one new Leader who had lost 260 pounds to get to goal. I met many in between. I met new Leaders in their twenties and I met new Leaders in their sixties. What a wonderful and diverse group of people!

I wish that I had taken my picture with the trainers. Connie, Kathleen and Maria were the trainers for my group and they were AWESOME! They all had a great sense of humor, they all shared their own story, and they were all just so darned nice! I’m fairly certain Connie is a stand up comic, and I might be in love with her.

Friday was a long day, and after wine with a few new friends in the hotel bar, I was off to my room for some hot tea. I watched a few planes take off and land at DFW, then I crashed. Learning is exhausting!


We stayed at the DFW Hyatt at the airport, which is apparently where they do WW training on a regular basis. The meals that we ate together as a group were prepared by the staff right out of a Weight Watcher cookbook! Nice, huh?

I didn’t take a picture of every meal, but here are most of them.

Breakfast each morning was in the hotel restaurant at the buffet. I took advantage of the Omelet Bar each morning, along with a few taters, Chicken Sausage and fruit.



One of the meals that they prepared for our group? Chicken Fajita buffet with lots of veggie options too.



Another lunch for our group, a Veggie or Beef Burger option with all of the fixings. There is a Veggie Burger under there somewhere. I was starving at Saturday’s lunch!



We had dinner on our own Saturday night. I decided to stay at the hotel and rest up. I had wine with a few new friends in the bar, then I enjoyed dinner with two of my new friends in the hotel restaurant. I opted for the Chicken with extra veggies. Dinner was delicious.


We wrapped up late Sunday afternoon and I headed to the airport with my Weight Watcher Kansas City buddies where we ended the day with a beer. Of course we did!

I am leading a meeting at 9:30 in the morning as a sub. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

I have several opportunities to fill in as a sub for the rest of December, so I’m really excited to get to work this month.

It was great to be inspired and motivated by so many Weight Watcher members this weekend. 

I tracked like a champ today!

Here are the day’s eats….

Breakfast – 7 SP

Kodiak Pancake Mix (1/2 C Water) topped with Cherries (I keep some frozen, and I cooked them just enough for a sweet topping!) and 1 tsp Pure Maple Syrup, Egg Whites Scrambled.



Lunch – 9 SP

Street Taco size Corn Tortillas filled with Grilled Chicken (I found some in the freezer) with 1 Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge, Apple with Almond Butter and a Honey drizzle.



Dinner – 8 SP

Dinner was out. I never made it to the store. We have no food!

The perfect Blackened Salmon Caesar Salad, dressing on the side. (no dressing was needed)



Have a great day!



“love the life you live, live the life you love”

It’s Really Happening!

December 1, 2016

Tomorrow morning, I leave for Dallas to finalize my Weight Watcher Leader Training.

Finally! What a great way to end the year!

I come home on Sunday, and although I don’t have a regular meeting of my own yet, Carol, my awesome trainer, is letting me lead one of her meetings on Tuesday! That’s like in FIVE days!!

This begins another chapter (probably the most exciting chapter) for me in my weight loss journey.

My weight loss journey has become so much more than just a number on the scale or the size of my clothes. I have discovered how good “healthy” feels, how to appreciate my body for all of the things that it can do when I take good care of it, and I’ve learned to focus on all of the positive changes that I have made in the last few years, instead of focusing on any negative aspects of my journey.

For so many years of my life, I felt so negative about my body, my weight, my eating habits and my inability to get to a place where I felt good about my physical appearance. To think that I will stand in front of a room full of people and introduce myself as someone who has had weight loss success, is living a healthy life and has learned to embrace the body (even with its flaws) that I stand before them in, is something that I never envisioned for myself. 

I am so happy to join the Weight Watcher family in a different role. Weight Watchers has taught me so much about living a healthy lifestyle. I am eager to help others discover the tools that can help them to have the same success.

If you’ve followed my journey for a while now, you might already know that I applied to be a WW Leader in 2013 when I reached my goal weight of 160. I was told that because my personal goal weight (approved by my doctor) was 10 pounds above the BMI maximum for my height, I could not be hired.

I tried hard to get to 150, and it just wasn’t happening. I put the WW Leader job on the back burner.

In 2016, I was made aware that WW had changed the rules. Yay Weight Watchers for recognizing that we do not all fall into the BMI category for a healthy weight! I applied. I interviewed. I walked away from my interview certain that I had the job. I was on cloud nine. Several weeks later, I received an email stating that I was not being considered for the position at the time. WHAT??? No! This is not a part of my plan. All of those feelings that I had overcome of not being good enough, not being worthy, had resurfaced in the blink of an eye! What is happening???

No. I will not allow myself to feel this way. I’ve already decided that this is what I am going to do with the rest of my life! I can do this job. I want to do this job. I need to do this job. I will be a WW Leader until I’m 100! Maybe even longer! End of story.

In all honestly, I felt that I had received the email in error. With a few phone calls and emails, I was given an opportunity for an in person meet up. I got the job that day.


I promise to not let Weight Watchers down. 

I am so excited about this weekend and I’m looking forward to meeting the other new Leaders! The schedule sounds pretty packed but hopefully there will be some time to get to know a few of them and hear their stories.

All of that being said, these are my honest thoughts on leading a meeting next week.

  1. What will I wear?
  2. Will I open my mouth and then have complete stage fright and no words will come out? (I keep dreaming this!)
  3. Will I open my mouth and the words will just flow? That’d be cool, although I have not had that dream.
  4. Will I be so nervous that I will have hives all over my neck and look like a nervous maniac?
  5. Will I forget what I was saying mid sentence and just stare at the wall?
  6. Will I begin to introduce myself, become overwhelmed with emotion, and bawl? That may actually happen.
  7. Will I walk away from the meeting knowing that I did my best? I’m going for this one.

I’ll be sure to let you know.

Thank you for all of your support! I gotta go pack!

Follow your dreams. You are all beautiful. You are all worthy of living your best life. Never underestimate yourself. Accept yourself. Love yourself. Be your best self.

Hugs to you all,



“love the life you live, live the life you love”