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Date Day…Family Night

July 25, 2017

On Sunday, Mike and I decided to have a date day afternoon and a family night at home.

We went out to lunch at guess where? Twisted Fresh. Now I need to order everything on the menu and see what my favorite is. I’m hoping Mike will be as eager to do this as I am, then I can just steal some bites from him!

His Beef and Bean Taco was delicious! I went with a Quinoa bowl. After lunch, to the movies. We went to see Baby Driver. High energy!!! I’m usually in the mood for a lovey dovey kind of movie or a comedy, but we went with action packed. It was exhausting!

After the show, Kate and her family came over. They even brought dinner!

Little Mister Sawyer is getting so cute and really starting to make some expressions. 

Is he not the cutest???


I didn’t figure points on lunch or dinner. I’m in a weird place right now with looking up points and being lazy about that. I think for the most part I am making healthy decisions and just not worrying about it right now.

Breakfast – 7 SP

Big Ass Waffle with one slice Bacon crumbled, Peaches, Blueberries and 1 T. Pure Maple Syrup


Lunch – ?

I promised myself that I would try something beside the Mahi-Mahi Taco’s, so I did.

Chicken Avocado Cashew Quinoa bowl with Sirachi Honey Aioli.

Not too bad, but I just like to eat things in tortilla’s better!


Dinner – ??

I made a little appetizer buffet.


Smoked Pork, Potato Salad, BBQ Beans, Plantains, Guac and Bell Peppers


Daily SmartPoints Total = ??
2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year! (This goal has changed a little now that I have this fabulous Fitbit.)

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

One week ago, I bought a beautiful blue 10′ kayak.


A few days later, a friend and co-worker of mine bought kayaks for her and her husband. She sent me a picture of them loaded up in her van and she was all excited. When I realized that she had them in her van, I knew right away that they must be shorter than mine and I was eager to get all of her info!

I thought that a 10′ kayak was the smallest one that you could buy for an adult. The smaller kayak’s that I had seen were youth kayaks and had a weight limit.

After a little searching and a few phone calls with my friend, I decided to return Big Blue for Little Red.

Less expensive and it fits inside the jeep! No need now for tie downs or straps! Yay! Simplicity!

I ordered several things on Amazon and I am still waiting for my life jacket. I didn’t realize that it was a law to have life jacket and I suppose it is a good idea, so I continue to wait for that to come.

I may get antsy and see if I can buy a cheap one this week.

But for now, Little Red sits in the garage waiting for our adventures together.

Here are yesterday’s eats….


Brunch – 10 SP

This ugly picture of food tasted wonderful!

My mom was over and I was really more focused on my conversation with her than a pretty picture of my food, but it was yummy!

Two Soft Boiled Eggs, Bacon, White Sweet potato and Tomato Slice.


Dinner – 15 SP

Date night!

We started with Wine and Bread. I just had that one little sliver.


I ordered the Pineapple Chicken.


When I ordered my meal, I asked how the veggies that came with it were prepared. The waiter described the butter sauce and he was practically drooling when he talked about how good it was, then I crushed his food dreams and asked for them to be steamed. His face went blank, I laughed and apologized.

My veggies were super dry and blah. Jokes on me! Should have just had that butter and only eaten half??

The Chicken was great and so was my wine!

Daily SmartPoints Total = 25

2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year! (This goal has changed a little now that I have this fabulous Fitbit.)

“love the life you live, live the life you love”


I completed my first StepBet last week and I loved having a daily goal to work towards. I won my $40 entry fee back plus another seven bucks. That’s not much to win back, but really it just means that most of the people that entered completed their step goals too, so YAY to steppers everywhere!!!

I loved the idea of it so much that I signed up to do another StepBet! I realized that in order to meet my daily goal of about 10,000 steps, I really only needed to get out each day and walk about 2 miles. Easy, right?

There is a one week break in between the two StepBets and I was curious how much walking I would voluntarily get in between the two. Well, seems like this bet thing really does motivate me and remind me to get out there because I have only gone out for one walk this week! 

The lesson for me here? Do whatever works for you and motivates you to be your best. If a StepBet keeps me walking and gets me out the door, then a StepBet it is my friends.



Guess who got his first FitBit?? Yep, the hubs. It just arrived this week. We have done a few things with our health insurance lately that has built us up some points and it turns out we had enough points to get Mike a free FitBit! I’m looking forward to stepping with the hubs this month!



I have now ordered all of the necessary items to put the kayak that I bought last Saturday on top of the car and head out to play. I’m just waiting on Amazon to deliver my life jacket.

I have now however discovered that there are 8′ Kayaks for adults and I did not know that. An 8′ kayak would be much easier to load and transport. So…..I may be returning my 10 footer today and shopping for an 8 footer. I’ll keep you posted. I really gotta get out there on the water!!!



These last few days have been super busy, I have tracked some days but not other days. My mind has been preoccupied.

The next few weeks are going to be a bit cray cray and challenging, but blogging, being honest about my food struggles and simply sharing my life here does help to keep me coming back to what I know works. I know that when I make healthy decisions about my food and my activity, I feel better physically and I am happier. When I feel good physically and when I am happy, stressful situations are much easier to maneuver through. Blogging and getting things out of my head helps me manage life. It’s one of my best tools.

My goal is to complete my next StepBet, blog daily and not be lazy about tracking.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned.

I hope to return a kayak AND buy a kayak today!!!

Here are the last three days of food starting with this ridiculously delicious waffle.


Breakfast – 7 SmartPoints

Big Ass Waffle with diced peached in the batter. Adding just a few diced peaches to the batter made these extra moist which means topping them with only 1 T. of my new Chocolate Almond Butter and 1 tsp of Honey was plenty and this tasted great! I love my syrup, but these just didn’t need it.


Lunch – 8 SmartPoints

6.5 ounces of 90/10 Beef Burger on a bed of greens and topped with pickles, cucumbers and mustard.

Having a scale on hand at the food truck made it easy to make my lunch and know just how many SmartPoints I was eating. 


Dinner – 14 SmartPoints

I love the Chicken Salad that the boss makes at the food truck and occasionally there is a little bit left over to bring home.

I made a yummy salad and added the Chicken Salad and an Egg to the top.




I grabbed a Black Coffee and a Banana at Starbucks on the way to work an early morning WW meeting.


I made healthy choices on Thursday but for whatever reason, I didn’t weigh, measure or track a dang thing.


This plate of circles came together really quick since I had a cooked Sweet Potato and Hard Boiled Eggs in the fridge.

I sliced the potato and heated the slices up in the skillet with a little cooking spray, then topped them with Smashed Avocado, Hard Boiled Egg Slices and Everything but the Bagel Seasoning.

That was my last big yellow kiwi. MUST BUY MORE!!



Whole Foods Salad Bar. Lots of veggies, a piece of fish and Vinegar and Oil.



This taste just about as good as it looks, so uh….YUK.

I wasn’t really hungry and I think I just made something because the clock said that it was dinnertime.

1/2 Turkey Burger (Store bought) with cheese and avocado and a small and simple salad.




I do love these RXBars. 

Have you tried them??



Apple Slices with Chocolate Almond Butter.



Those Mahi-Mahi Taco’s again at Twisted Fresh

This is the third time that I have been here and ordered these. They come in a double shell with cheese between the shells. Delicious but too many points. I ordered these in corn tortillas and they tasted just as great and each taco only had one tortilla.



Mike and I were ready to just chill and have a cold beer so we opted to sit at the bar at the Mexican Restaurant up the street. My plan was Fajita’s because they are always my Mexican “go to” meal and I love them.

I had never even noticed Mahi-Mahi Taco’s on the menu here, but when I saw then, I felt that I needed to have them and compare!

I ordered these on Corn Tortillas and subbed Guac for the beans and rice.

Holy Mahi-Mahi !!! There was some kind of yummy cream sauce buried under that crunchy cabbage that had me wanting one more taco, but I was stuffed.


2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year! (This goal has changed a little now that I have this fabulous Fitbit.)

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Meet My Friend…Ronda

July 20, 2017

I’m a little behind in sharing this story, but I think it was worth the wait.

Several months ago, I wrote a blog post titled….Shonda Smolley. Here are just a few lines from that blog post.

“I love this little blogging corner of my world for so many different reasons. I’ve formed relationships from this blog and my Instagram account that I never imagined were possible. The relationships are great for support, accountability and even a good a laugh, but I have actually made a few friends too.

One blog reader of mine has truly become a friend of mine. Since I didn’t ask her if I could blog about her today and I do respect the privacy of others, I’ll call her Shonda Smolley. She’ll know I’m talking about her and the name will make her giggle.

Her comments on my blog really started to connect us. She saw similarities in the two of us, and began to share them with me.

Soon, we started exchanging emails that included a little more personal information. Eventually we exchanged phone numbers and now we text each other. The fact that she has an “online friend” that she has shared personal information with has her family concerned. lol

I’m going to surprise her one day soon and call her up!

We really do have a lot in common, which is what brought us together. She makes me laugh and I feel like I’ve known her for some time. 

I have no idea how she found my blog or if she even knows how she came upon it.

We will meet this year. I just know it.”

Okay, her real name is Ronda, but I hadn’t asked her permission to blog about her back then, so I made up a name, and sometimes, I think I’m funny. Please go read all about how wonderful Shonda Ronda is in the rest of that blog post.

A few weeks ago, Ronda sent me a text. She and her husband were going to visit her son and daughter-in-law in Oklahoma and she was curious how close to my house she might be. I was so excited! She was going to be about a 4 hour drive away and I knew we were going to meet!

We decided to meet halfway. I looked up what city was right smack in the middle of where each of us were coming from, and found a cute coffee shop that sounded like a great place for a meet up. We each had a two hour drive.

Once we set the date we exchanged all sorts of silly text messages talking about how excited we were for our meet up!

She arrived at the coffee shop before me and sent me a text to let me know that she was there. She said the coffee shop was perfect and then for the last several  minutes of my drive, I felt like a little kid heading to a play date.

When I walked in the door and saw her it was just like I was seeing an old friend, yet we had never met in person.

We hugged and cried and laughed, in that order.

As I was hugging her, and crying and laughing, I noticed over her shoulder two girls in the front window of the coffee shop taking our picture. I thought that perhaps she had brought her daughter-in-law and a friend with her. Because really, who drives alone for two hours to a small town that you’ve never been to before to meet an online friend??

I said through my tears, anticipating meeting her daughter-in-law….”Is that your daughter-in-law?” to which she replied…” No. That’s just a stranger that I asked to take pictures of us meeting.”

Cracking up. Totally something that I would ask someone to do.

The girls then came over with her phone and told us that it was a great moment to watch and to enjoy our time together.


We talked about the fact that we had never heard each others voices before. She sounded exactly like I thought she would!


I am so glad she thought to have someone take pictures! 


We met at 10:00 am and we were still chatting away after 1:00 pm.

I’m pretty certain that we could have talked well into the evening. We both knew that we would meet one day and now I look forward to our next meet up!

Love you Ronda and thank you so much for reaching out to me on the blog and for becoming my friend! Can’t wait to see you again!

Here are yesterday’s eats….

Breakfast – 8 SP

1/2 Serving of Big Ass Waffle batter in pancake form topped with Chocolate Almond Butter, Egg White Omelet stuffed with one Laughing Cow Cheese wedge and 1/2 a Kiwi.


Lunch – 9 SP

I was playing with Sweet Potato Toast. I topped three of these small sweet potato rounds with Smashed Avocado, then one with Tomatoes, one with Smoked Chicken Breast, one with Scrambled Egg and topped those with Everything But the Bagel Seasoning and then one with Almond Butter.


Dinner – 14 SP

Dinner out. Blackened Salmon Caesar Salad and a Beer.


Snack – 3 SP

1/2 Cup of this Oatmeal Cookie Halo Top!

Can you eat just 1/2 Cup? 


Daily SmartPoints Total = 34

2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year! (This goal has changed a little now that I have this fabulous Fitbit.)

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

WW Fresh

July 18, 2017

Weight Watchers has partnered with Fresh Realm to bring fresh food to your door! You pick the day and once a week your meals will be delivered to your door in a refrigerated box. Unload the box, peel the delivery label off, revealing the return label, set the box outside of your door and it will be picked up the following day!

Snacks – $3

Breakfast – $7

Lunch – $8

Dinner – $9

As a WW employee, I was given the opportunity to try it out!

I don’t really think I’m a “deliver to your door” person, but being given opportunity, I was excited to give it a try!

My order was delivered to my front porch on Thursday in this refrigerated box.


I totally had forgotten what I had ordered, so I was having fun pulling these trays out.


Kinda cool, huh?


Here’s my order!


Unload, peel off the delivery label to reveal the return label and place the box by your front door. Simple


I ordered……

Huevos Rancheros Wrap

Southwest Scrambled Eggs

Canadian Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Asian Style with Chicken Salad

Pulled Chicken Wrap Kit

Hawaiian Style Pork Tacos with Pineapple Teriyaki Salsa

Spaghetti with Chicken Marinara Sauce

Grilled Salmon with Citrus Butter

Harvest Vegetables with Quinoa

Mango and Blueberries

Turkey and Cheese Roll up with Fruit and Carrots

Bean cheese Roll up with Fruit and Carrots


All of the food is cooked, so the hot meals only require heating up.

I loved having the opportunity to try this out, and I like the idea and the convenience of it, but I just don’t think that it’s for me. 

I like to cook. I like to grocery shop. I like to eat what sounds good right at that moment.


I can totally see why people would like this though. No thinking. No meal planning. No grocery shopping. No cooking, measuring or weighing.

I think this a great idea if you are busy and love the idea of having a few meals that are already portioned out for you and the SmartPoints already calculated.

I liked the options, but I would like more to pick from. I really liked some of what I ordered and other meals I thought could have been better, but I think it’s my own personal taste.


Have you had a meal delivery service? Did you like it? Was the price right for you?

See if WW Fresh is available in your area.


Here are yesterday’s eats….

Breakfast – 7 SP

Big Ass Waffle (I put a little crumbled Bacon and fresh diced Peaches in the batter) topped with Berries, diced Peaches and 1 T. Pure Maple Syrup.


Lunch – 8 SP

Another WW Fresh Meal!


Snack – 3 SP

I found a new Almond Butter! I just ate 1 T. by itself. Yep! It’s delicious and I love that I know all of the ingredients!


Snack – 2 SP

Have you tried this yet? This is the perfect snack for a hot afternoon! I grabbed a Double Espresso on Ice in a Venti cup and took it to work with me.




Dinner – 10 SP

A Great Big Salad! I can’t seem to go wrong with Chicken, Avocado and Everything But the Bagel Seasoning.

Daily SmartPoints Total = 30

2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year! (This goal has changed a little now that I have this fabulous Fitbit.)

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

So….I Bought a Kayak

July 18, 2017

So much to catch up on!

I didn’t track my food Friday or Saturday. I should have. I just didn’t take the time to do so.


I ran errands all over, didn’t plan well, skipped breakfast and ate very little during the rest of the day. In the evening I went to a girlfriends house for a drink. I know for a fact that I ate too much popcorn and over indulged on the chocolate covered almonds. When I came home, Tucker had vomited and had diarrhea all over the house. Mike had been home to witness it all and clean it up. On one hand I felt really bad that Mike had been home dealing with it all and on the other hand, I was glad that Mike had been home dealing with it all.


Saturday Mike and I were supposed to go visit our daughter Anne and her family in Oklahoma. Anne had a birthday on Sunday and we were looking forward to spending it with her. Tucker did not improve, and knowing we couldn’t take him to Doggie Daycare if he was sick, or expect someone to come by the house and deal with a sick pup, we cancelled our trip.

We took turns on Saturday making sure that one of us was home as Tucker continued to be sick for most of the afternoon.

Around dinner time, Tucker seemed to be doing better, so we headed out to grab a bite to eat at my new favorite Taco spot!

Mahi Mahi Taco’s and a beer at Twisted Fresh. Happy girl.


I mentioned to Mike that I had seriously been wanting a Kayak and I thought that I had found the perfect one. We went to Dick’s to look at it and I came home with a kayak!!

I am ridiculously excited about this. I got the blue one!


I picked out an orange paddle.


Holy Holy…..this thing is super heavy!! He loves me. I just know it.


I wish I had a video of us loading this “into” and not “on top off” the jeep. We didn’t buy any straps to tie it down with (I know I can get them cheaper elsewhere). We put it IN the jeep. That’s right. We folded the back seats down and got her in there with the back window open just a tad. I rode home in the back of the jeep, but you know, not in an actual seat. Not safe, I know.

Why did I buy a Kayak?

If you have been reading the blog for a while or if you know me personally, you know I’ve talked about buying a Vintage Trailer to go camping in. I’m moving forward on this plan/dream as I lead more WW meetings. My goal has been to lead 4 meetings a week, then I get a trailer!

After floating on the lake in a kayak last summer with my niece, I knew that I would love to have one to take on my camping trips.

That’s it really. 

For now, I imagine mornings paddling out to the middle of the lake, then stopping to float and sip my coffee from a thermos. Or afternoons on the lake this Fall.

Later, I see myself driving down Route 66, pulling my vintage trailer with my kayak on top of my vehicle to someplace beautiful where I make new camper/kayaking friends and kayak on the river.

Mike isn’t really much of a camper, but is always super supportive of me and my adventures, whatever they may be. I’m pretty sure I can make him a camper though. Maybe later…..kayaks for two!

We have a small lake super close that I plan to play at for now, then we have a nice larger lake about 15-20 minutes away where I plan to go when I get all comfortable loading it and unloading it on my own. I did a few practice loads and unloads while Mike observed and I managed fine. Did I mention this thing is HEAVY???

Excited to get out there!


Tucker seems to be doing better and I got back to tracking, but ate more than I should have.

Breakfast – 12 SP

A nice little nest of Shredded Sweet Potatoes topped with an Egg and Bacon and Banana and Yellow Kiwi on the side.


Lunch – 6 SP

I’m going to be talking about these Weight Watcher Fresh meals really soon!




Dinner – 24 SP

One un-pictured piece of Cheese Pizza.

Then this plate…..

Cheese Pizza, Salad and Stuffed Mushrooms and Beer


I got my walk in early on Sunday and it was the last day of the StepBet! Yay!

I signed up to do another one that starts in one week! Click HERE if you’d like to join me in this one. It starts next Monday, July 24th. I am waiting on my email to tell me my winnings for this one, but more than anything, I loved having a daily goal.


My Weight Watcher App suggested that I raise my personal goal of earning 50 activity points to 98, so I did!


Daily SmartPoints Total for Sunday = 42

2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year! (This goal has changed a little now that I have this fabulous Fitbit.)

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Grocery Adventures

July 14, 2017


Before I talk groceries, let me talk steps.

This week is ending my very first StepBet and I am so happy that I did it! My plan was to get in a Yoga class this week as well and I did that. I’m feeling really good about figuring out how to get more steps in and it has certainly become a more important part of my daily plan than it was before. When I have challenged myself in the past to Walk 100 Miles in a Month, that seemed to be more difficult because I was giving myself the whole month to complete the challenge and I would end up procrastinating, then having to walk 5 or 6 miles several days in a row to complete it. That’s just dumb.

With the StepBet, you have a daily goal that you need to meet, and because I work better with short term goals anyhow, this has been the perfect way for me to make sure I am staying active on a daily basis. I love this!

I signed up for my second StepBet yesterday! Your steps are based on your overall activity with your tracker. Since I have been walking more, my step goal has increased a bit. This can only be a good thing, right?


We have a HUGE new grocery store that just opened down the street. Literally down the street. Maybe 2 miles? They have this same store downtown in Kansas City and I’ve only been in there a few times, but I knew if it was going to be anything like the one downtown, I was going to love it! They opened this week!

I decided to get in a few steps in the AC and went grocery shopping with a friend. We found all sorts of fun things and the store is really pretty. They have a nice big salad bar, lots of sandwich options, Sushi shop, Bakery, Starbucks, Gelato Shop, and several places to sit inside and out They also have lots and lots of pre-made meals to take home and heat up. They even have several “meals for two” with all of the ingredients right in the bag!


Tons of bulk options! I found some unsweetened Coconut and some Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


They even have their own Olive Oil and Vinegar mini store!!


I was pleased and can’t wait to shop there over the next few weeks and try some new things.

I really do like to try new things. One of the things that I love most about Instagram is discovering new foods that I see people eat or different ways to eat some of the foods that I already eat!

A few months ago I learned about Dragonfruit on Instagram, so I bought one and gave it a try. Do you remember? It was pink on the outside and white on the inside with what looked like little black dots in the white part. This is it in the middle here.


Well, this is a Kiwano? Have you ever heard of a Kiwano? I hadn’t. It was $6.99, so I was certain that it was going to be delicious!


This is what the inside looks like. Completely different from the Dragonfruit. The texture did not look appealing to me.


The sign by it said that it tasted like a combo of Bananas, Kiwi and Cucumber.

I tasted sweet slime with seeds. Ick.

Have you had one? Did you like it?


The produce section was huge, as was this Egg Plant! I didn’t buy it, but just look at it! Made for a good snap chat!


I had also hit up Costco and grabbed a few new food finds. Also a good place for AC steps. Slow steps, but steps.

I’ve never seen a Yellow Kiwi. Now THIS? I loved this and I’m glad I have several to eat! 


These are HUGE!


I also bought a large tray of fresh figs. Have you bough fresh figs before?


Look at this snack plate that I made up yesterday.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Yellow Kiwi, Blueberries, Figs, Blackberries and Coconut


So the grocery shopping has been fun and I’m looking forward to more adventures at my new grocery store.

Okay, yesterday was more of a snack day than a meal day, and it wasn’t a very balanced day, and I didn’t eat all of my points, but here is what I ate.

Oh, and those dang WW Bars that are Chocolate and Caramel? Well, those happened again, but they are all gone now.

Breakfast – 7 SP

RXBar and Coffee


Snack – 3 SP

Banana and I kept dipping my spoon in the nut butter, so I had 1 T. of Nut Butter. Maybe a tad more?


Lunch – 3 SP

Seeds, fruit and Coconut


Dinner – 6 SP

This WW Fresh meal. These are coming soon to the KC area!

That’s right. I had Weight Watcher meals delivered to my house. I’ll do a post on these next week!


Snack – 4 SP

Two of these. They are all gone now. NO MORE WW SNACK BARS!!! TRIGGER…TRIGGER…TRIGGER!!


Daily SmartPoints Total = 23

2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year! (This goal has changed a little now that I have this fabulous Fitbit.)


“love the life you live, live the life you love”

I’m keeping this post a short one.

Basically, I like Taco’s. Taco’s on Tuesday, Taco’s on Wednesday. I think I want a Taco Month!

Here are yesterday’s eats….

Breakfast – 6 SP

Egg White Omelette filled with Turkey Taco Meat and topped with Smashed Avocado and an Orange for something sweet!


Lunch – 7 SP

Un-pictured Chicken Salad on a small corn tortilla while working at the Food Truck (not really a taco) and I took the last of the Roasted Chicken, a few Carrots and an Apple to eat.


Snack – 2 SP

Banana, Blueberries and Kiwi with 1 tsp Almond Butter, 1/2 tsp honey and a sprinkle of Chia Seeds.


Snack – 6 SP

I won’t go into detail of how I ended up with these, but they are a total trigger food for me and I never buy them anymore.

I ate THREE of these!!!


Dinner – 8 SP

Yep…. a kind of a Taco.

I filled up these lettuce leaves (for the second time this week) with Turkey Taco Meat, strips of Bell Peppers and Cucumbers and topped them with Smashed Avocado. Roasted Butternut Squash and Carrots on the side.

Daily SmartPoints Total = 29
2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year! (This goal has changed a little now that I have this fabulous Fitbit.)

“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Yesterday was an unplanned Taco Tuesday and pretty much an unplanned everything.

I thought I was going to be getting a new At Work WW Meeting yesterday, but it didn’t pan out. My meeting that I did have on Tuesday has now been moved to Thursday, so my current schedule is two meetings on Monday (one as a leader, one as a receptionist) and two meetings on Thursdays (one as a leader, one as a receptionist). Tuesday is now an open day. I don’t think that will last long, but I will certainly enjoy it for now.

After coffee on the deck and pondering my “to do” list for the day, I decided I should go to a Yoga class, so I did.

After Yoga, and only coffee in my belly, I thought working on my “to do” list a little longer, while having breakfast outside somewhere sounded like a great idea, so I did.

I never really think about Taco Tuesday. I think I just eat Taco’s a LOT! I ordered the Breakfast Taco’s.

Later in the afternoon, after doing like oh…..two things on my list, I decided I should get a pedicure, so I did.

I grabbed dinner to go at Twisted Fresh for Mike and I. It’s pretty much next door to where I had my pedicure. We’ve never eaten there before but I’ve heard all sorts of good things about it and I never think to go there. I’m not sure if it is just a local chain or not. Do you have a Twisted Fresh? I hope you do!

Again…taco’s. I had heard that the Mahi-Mahi Tacos were awesome, and they were!

After Mike and I had dinner, Tucker and I headed out for a walk through the neighborhood and around the neighborhood lake. It was just a tad warm, but most of our walk was actually in the shade and there was a hint of a breeze for most of our walk.


It was a relaxing Tuesday.

Today I’m headed out to work the Food Truck in the heat. Extra water today!

Here are yesterday’s eats….

I guessed on Brunch and Dinner, but feel pretty good about my guesstimates.

Brunch – 13 SP

Breakfast Taco’s at First Watch. No Cheese, Egg Whites, sub Potatoes for beans.

They brought the potatoes in a separate bowl and the portion seemed huge, so I scooped half of the potatoes onto my plate.


The potatoes that I didn’t eat…..


Dinner – 18 SP

I ordered 4 Mahi Mahi Taco’s at Twisted Fresh. I was starving. I am guessing on the SmartPoints for these.

I hadn’t had these before and I wasn’t sure how big/small they were. First of all, these were really really good! They had one soft shell on the outside and one crispy shell on the inside. There was cheese between the shells. Uh, yum.

After eating one, I knew that two shells on each taco was more than I wanted, so I ate the last three with just the soft shell.


The leftover shells. Leaving yummy food on my plate twice in one day? Non Scale Victory right there!!


Daily SmartPoints Total = 31

2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year! (This goal has changed a little now that I have this fabulous Fitbit.)


“love the life you live, live the life you love”

Is This a Drink Recipe?

July 11, 2017

If you are a WW member, then you may or may not know that drink recipe SmartPoints are calculated differently than food recipe SmartPoints. 

I did not know this for a long time. If you are making Smoothies on a regular basis, it’s good info to have!

Here’s the deal.

If you are making smoothies, you are likely adding more fruit than just a serving of berries to your smoothie. Those calories that make up that one smoothie can really add up, even though a piece of fruit is zero SmartPoints. Calories are calories, and making sure you are tracking according to the Weight Watcher guidelines will only help you along your journey.

Now, according to the Weight Watcher guidelines, if you are using blended fruit as an ice cream type snack, eating it with a spoon and the serving size is 1/2 Cup or less, then you can count that fruit as zero SmartPoints. This totally makes sense to me because you are only eating a small portion.

If you are drinking your fruit, make sure you are counting it! Your smoothie is likely more than 1/2 cup and contains more calories.

(Sidenote: If smoothies are a regular part of your meal plan, and you are not counting the SmartPoints, and you are having success at the scale, then by all means, continue doing what works for you. Our bodies are all different and what works for one, may not work for another. If smoothies are a regular part of your meal plan and you are not counting them and the scale isn’t budging, this might be an area where you follow Weight Watcher’s advice and track those Smoothies as a drink recipe. Just a thought.)

Last night I made a Shake after dinner. I drank it with a straw and it was more than a 1/2 cup, so I entered the ingredients into the WW Recipe Builder.

When you create a recipe in the WW App, simply click on “Add more details” at the bottom of the screen.


That will take you to this screen where you have the option to change the recipe to a Drink Recipe.




Changing the recipe to a drink recipe will change the SmartPoints value to include the nutritional information of the food that is entered.



I hope that all makes sense. Please feel free to ask questions. This seems to come up a lot at meetings.

Now….go throw a few ingredients in a blender, track it as a drink recipe, and enjoy a nice cold Smoothie!

Mine was delicious!



Here are yesterday’s eats…

Breakfast – 7 SP

Un-Pictured Banana and this RX Bar


Lunch – 3 SP

Bites of leftover Roasted Chicken and Vegetables. I ran in the house, opened the container and took 5 or 6 bites of chicken and carrots, ran back out of the house to finish up some errands.


Snack – 3 SP

Un-Pictured free sample of the packaged Weight Watcher Chick Peas while working at a meeting.

Dinner – 13 SP

I didn’t get home until about 7:30, but I was really craving Taco Meat, so instead of eating more of my leftover Roasted Chicken, I got busy cooking.

I filled lettuce leaves with Turkey Taco Meat, then topped the meat with Bell Pepper Strips and Avocado. Roasted Plantains and sliced Cucumbers on the side.


Snack – 3 SP

I put one container of Premier Protein Vanilla and 6 large frozen Strawberries in the blender.

Ta Da! Dessert!

Daily SmartPoints Total = 29

2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year! (This goal has changed a little now that I have this fabulous Fitbit.)

“love the life you live, live the life you love”