Day with Dad……

March 17, 2013

Dad and I had planned on a Saturday morning coffee, but I slept like crap, until about 7:00 am, then I was sleeping deep, so I just kept sleeping, and he ran an errand that went until noon, so we had lunch.

I was in the mood for a Saturday morning greasy spoon, but we ended up at my breakfast “safe” place, First Watch. I had planned to try something a little different, so I ordered my usual egg white, turkey, spinach, feta omelet and replaced the dry toast with a fruit cup! I’m really changing things up here, huh?

We had a great chat, got caught up on the weeks news, then ran a few errands together. The man could talk for hours, and he always has a great story, so we put a few miles on the car and went all over town. Then, I was ready for a nap!

Instead I came home and did my PT exercises, which were almost intolerable, then walked on the treadmill. I only got in 45 minutes instead of 60. Doing the treadmill BEFORE PT next time. That didn’t feel so great. Then I just felt like an old lady the rest of the day. We had Pizza while watching KU/K-State, then I was in p.j.s and ready for bed before 9:00. Sad. I know.

I talked to my coach about a few of my goals on Saturday morning. I’ve decided that alcohol twice a month sounds good on paper, but just isn’t working for me. It is important for me to lose the weight, but I also need to have realistic goals that work for me and my lifestyle. I would much rather enjoy wine with my girlfriends at a spur of the moment occasion, and work it into my points, than only plan two events a month to be able to drink. I know this is not a problem for so many of you, because we have talked about it. I also know my beers have been a stalling point in my weight loss. I guess the key here is to figure out what works best for me. I think I will do fine if I work it into my points. I have talked to other members that this has worked for, so I know it is doable for some.

I have decided I am ready to work in a few wall sits, crunches, squats and lunges, so we discussed a plan for that for three times a week. I need to come up with a chart for that I suppose. It just seems easier to keep track of what I did and when I did it. And I really do like writing it down and seeing what I have done.

Sorry for such boring post lately. Obviously the blog has taken a different route. I hate to be so serious. I’ll work on getting a little humor back into things and try not to be so stiff, but you guys, it’s kinda serious stuff here.

“love the life you live, live the life you love”