My Coach, My Chart

May 11, 2013

My Coach…..

She’s got my back, no matter what. I weighed in Friday morning. Last week I was exactly where I had planned on being, then I managed to sabotage myself and instead of taking one step forward this week, I took two steps backwards, and although I am still below my green line on my chart, I started to FREAK OUT and anticipate failure for the month of May. My coach and I had a scheduled a meeting for Saturday morning at 8:00 am, and I knew I needed this meeting more than ever. I NEEDED my “sponsor”! So to prepare her, I charted my weigh in (165.6) on my graph, and sent her a picture, along with this text………

Here is my chart…….

Then I headed out the door on an unexpected Friday walk. (Guys, Fridays are days “off” of exercising, but I knew I needed to work extra hard this week, so out the door I went.)

My friend, Becky, showed me this awesome Pedometer App!

I LOVE my new iPhone!!!! 🙂

Read these numbers people. On my day “off” of exercising, we walked for 1 hour and 54 minutes and got in 8 miles!! WHOO WHOO!!!!
(Becky had two pedometers, and they each had a little different numbers, so I averaged out the distance of the two and logged 7.5 miles on my chart, even though I hate half numbers.)

Becky politely listened as I ranted on about my goals and obstacles. Thank you, Becky. As we walked, I made the decision to just stay on plan at the Lake and make it work for me. If I don’t make the decisions that I need to make THIS very key month in my weight loss, I will never reach my goal. I have been making “Partying” excuses for over a year now. It’s time to do this, just as coach and I have planned.

I also knew in the back of my mind that my coach would NOT let me get away with making the Lake an excuse to not continue losing in May.

When I got home from my walk, here is the text I had received from my coach.

Are YOU crapping YOUR pants too? I know, RIGHT? I was like….whoaaaaa…..she knows me wayyyyyy better than I realized!! This is why I have her. She is really, really holding me completely accountable. If it weren’t for her, I might sabotage myself this entire month, and by the end of the month, be back in the 170’s and frustrated as all get out. But because I have her, (Thank God I have her) I am reminded that I can really do this, I just have to decide. I love that I have her.

When I returned from my walk, I not only felt great about my good long walk, but it gave me time to think and talk, and I had started to not feel so anxious about my trip to the lake.

I sent her this text back……

You been thinking about a “Coach” to help you reach any of your goals??

Well, I HIGHLY recommend it!

“love the life you live, live the life you love”