Gotta Keep Busy!

February 8, 2015

I tried not to eat out of boredom yesterday, but I wasn’t super successful.

I started off the morning strong with a good breakfast of Almond Butter Toast, blueberries and black coffee.



For the afternoon, I got into my Chinese Food leftovers when I should have just tossed them. Later, I had two bowls of Butternut Squash Chili. Then, I snacked on veggie and Hummus. For dinner,  I made myself a big plate of fries. I know I went over on my points for the day.


I did manage to drink well over 100 ounces of water, so I made lots of potty trips.

I watched movies all day and pouted on the couch.

I watched Love Is Strange, Garden State and The Godfather. I have no idea why I have never watched The Godfather!

I slept like crap and rolled out of bed and said…..”Damn it, today will be a good day!”

So, this morning I showered, dressed, made the bed, started the laundry, made breakfast, and now I’m figuring out what Mike and I will spend the rest of the day doing, Hopefully no movies. My bra strap is killing me, but leaving the house without a bra is NOT an option.

I’m thinking some grocery shopping together and some cooking together. Its gorgeous outside today, so hopefully we can grill out something tasty!

My goal for the day is to keep busy and avoid any boredom snacking.

This is my “Yep, I’m a dumb ass face”.


“love the life you live, live the life you love”


4 responses to Gotta Keep Busy!

  1. February 9, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    Thanks Tricia,

    I’m nowhere near a Rock Star, and I did all of those things super slow, but I knew I couldn’t just sit all day or I’d just eat!

    I hope your husband made a full recovery!! Damn those 4 Wheelers!!

    Thanks for the kudos’!

    Have a Happy and Healthy Week!

  2. February 9, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    Ice Cream! This sounds amazing right now!!

    EEEkkkk….I’ll make a smoothie.


  3. I still think your food choices are good.
    You haven’t opened a pint of ice cream, chips and dip, or a bag of Oreos.
    Hope it gets easier day by day for you.

  4. I’m so sorry you broke your collar bone! My husband broke his several years ago in a 4 wheeler accident and he was MISERABLE for weeks…and ended up with surgery. I’m so impressed that you were able to shower, make the bed, start laundry and make breakfast. You’re obviously a rock star! Be kind to you– Allow yourself a few days to wallow in self pity and then get your crap together and continue to kick ass!! You inspire me so much and I love all your food pics! Keep on, keepin’ on!!!