Day 10, Whole30

October 22, 2015

1/3 of the way there. The last 10 days have flown by.  I don’t have any complaints.

I worked at the Food Truck yesterday from 10-2:30ish, and my stomach was growling at 1:00. That’s the first day that my stomach has growled in between meals since starting the whole30. I ate breakfast at 9:30, and planned to eat lunch when I got home. I don’t know if it was smelling the food or what, but I was hungry, stomach growling hungry. I had a small bowl of the pork and a few cucumber slices, all Whole30 compliant, I just hadn’t planned on eating until I came home. 

When I got home, I ate my planned lunch of leftover Chicken Cacciatore, (which seemed to get better and better each day!). That was the last of it and I will for sure be making that again!

An hour later, I was hungry. I didn’t have much pork at the truck, and there wasn’t much chicken in my leftovers, so I think I hadn’t had enough protein for the day? I ate pecans and an apple, and then a few more pecans. I waited to fill full, or at least to not feel hungry, but satiated (super big word for me.) and it just wasn’t happening. I had another hand full of nuts, made some hot tea, and chugged some water. Finally, I wasn’t hungry.

Come dinnertime, time to eat, I wasn’t hungry. Go figure. Once I took a few bites, dinner tasted great, and I ate it, and I was satisfied.

Now…..I said I would get in some sort of exercise yesterday. After work, I watched the game, and it was sad. But now my Royals get to come back to win at home! After the game, I got dinner ready. It was almost 7:00 and Mike wasn’t home yet, so I headed out for a walk with the dogs, and we walked a mile. Lame……

I’ve got a huge “to do” list today, and no appointments anywhere and no Food Truck today, so I’m out the door for errands.

A friend sent me a text for a walk, so I got in 5 miles this morning! Yay! That ought to kick me into gear now.

I haven’t been blogging about my water. I changed the end of my blog up a bit since doing the whole30, and forgot to add it in there, but I like including it in the blog because it encourages me to drink more when I’m telling someone, apparently.

Yesterday I drank 120 ounces. What what? I know. I feel cleansed. Okay, I’m rambling. Off to accomplish some stuff.

Oh…one more thing. Mike and I have both stepped on the scale, (even though the plan say’s to only weight on day 1 and on day 30) and we are very pleased. Of course since he is a boy, he is more pleased than I, but I expected that. After I called him a few names and said “Holy Crap! Are you kidding me?” when he told me how much he had lost, I assured him I was very happy for him and his results, and the fact that he is sleeping so well is just icing on the cake! (Did someone say cake?)

Here are yesterday’s eats…..


Four Egg White Omelet filled with bell peppers, asparagus and a few bites of potato, along with a pear sprinkled with cinnamon, and black coffee.

IMG_3962 IMG_3964



Pork and Cucumber Slices




The last of the Chicken Cacciatore with lots and lots of Zoodles




Un-Pictured raw pecans and an apple.


Turkey Spaghetti Sauce over grilled zucchini (lots of zucchini today!) with a side of sauteed green beans, onions, bell peppers, and a few bites of potatoes.

IMG_3988 IMG_3989



Exercise = Walked a mile. Whatever…….

Water = 120 ounces! Yay!


This is What I Will Accomplish in 2015

I will choose one occasion per month for Social Drinking (um..this is a work in progress)

I will go no more than two days in a row without exercise. (I’ve done “two a day’s” to make up, and slacked here lately)

I will track every single day of the entire year. (I’ve only NOT tracked a few weekends this year.)

I will not be tracking my food while doing the Whole30.

I will run in a minimum of six 5K’s. Four down, two to go!



“love the life you live, live the life you love”


6 responses to Day 10, Whole30

  1. October 23, 2015 at 2:21 am

    Thanks, Nancy!

    It’s a fairly busy weekend with some family time scheduled with the kids and grandkids, so should be a good one!

    I hope you have a great weekend!!

    Why is a zero point food so easy and delicious???

  2. October 23, 2015 at 2:19 am

    You are welcome, Pam!

    I’m glad you liked the butternut squash! I love finding that stuff already cut up. It’s kind of hard if you don’t have an awesome knife! I can find it at my Walmart too!

    Coffee and Wine! Right? Maybe we’re distant cousins or something!!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Julie, thanks so much for all this great info! You’re a peach! Yes, I wouldn’t mention this at WW if I was doing this eating plan, but like you say, it really is simply filing with some specific exclusions. I will try cooking the squash your way. It does sound good. I just made my first butternut squash (bought trader joes already cut up) like you cooked yours, roasted with cinnamon…so yummy! I mention modifying because cannot imagine my morning coffe without my splash of half/ half, and a little wine on the weekends! Thanks again for your thoughts and happy WW meeting tomorrow. – Pam

  4. Congrats on your success so far!
    It sounds like you will make it.
    Hope you have one of your great weekends.
    I agree with you on the subject of fruit because I know I eat to much but it’s so easy to grab an eat.

  5. October 22, 2015 at 8:09 pm

    Love all of your questions today Pam!!

    I had been planning on doing the whole30 for a while, so I was trying to use and eat up the foods that I knew we wouldn’t be eating while we were doing the whole30. Coincidentally, one of the kids in the neighborhood was doing a food drive, so I filled a bag with canned goods and non-perishable foods that I knew we wouldn’t eat, so maybe a donation? Anything I had left that would spoil, I just tossed.

    I cut the squash in half, lengthwise. Clean out all of the seeds and the loose parts. I rub just a little Olive oil and Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper inside the squash. I put the squash open side down on a baking sheet and bake at 400 for 30-40 minutes, depending on how the big the squash is. Let it sit for just a few minutes to cool so you can scrape out the cooked spaghetti noodles with a fork. I scrape them all out until I reach the skin of the squash. This is great with just a little Olive Oil or Butter and 1 T. of Parmesan Cheese. Of course, it is also great in any recipe where you are wanting to sub it for pasta.

    Don’t think of it as spaghetti though, think of it as a vegetable. It doesn’t have a pasta texture, in my opinion, but I do like the taste and the texture of it!

    A modified approach? Yes! I do! Each day, I think to myself…Okay, I want to eat like this forever! (mostly…I miss my morning frothy coffee and wine) For me, learning how to not snack and graze, is big!!

    I know this Friday morning, my Leader will say…Wow! What did you do different this week? My answer will be, I ate protein at every meal. I ate three meals a day. I only ate two fruits a day. (I was relying on fruit pretty much between every meal) I increased the amount of veggies I was eating and tried to eat veggies at every meal. (One of my biggest changes!) For the most part, I only ate one snack a day, and it was a planned snack that I ate between lunch and dinner, and I sat down and mindfully ate it.

    Pam, I really would love to see if you did those things, what kind of results you get? Then you have to tell me!! It can’t hurt. Let me know your thoughts!

    I love WW, and out of respect for the program and my Leader, I really don’t want to talk about whole30 specifically, in the meeting. I’m really doing Simply Filling, without dairy, without bread, without legumes. Kinda sorta, right?

    Okay, I feel like Pen Pals! 🙂

    Write me Back!!


  6. Looks like you are nailing the Whole 30 thing! I’m very intrigued, and have been reading and researching, and following your great blog. A few questions for you – what did you do with all the non compliant foods in your house? How do you cook spaghetti squash (just bought my first one)? Do you think a modified approach would show any benefits? I do love WW but cannot get off this 12 lbs I have regained and am so darn frustrated! – Pam