Day 27, Whole30

November 8, 2015

Whole30 Stuff

I follow all sorts of Weight Watcher members, Health Food Nuts, Paleo People  and Whole30 Success Stories on Instagram. I’ve mentioned Instagram several times on my blog, because I find a lot of support and inspiration there. If you are not on Instagram, and you are looking for a support system in your weight loss journey, your weight loss maintenance, or just support in all around good health and healthy recipes and meal ideas, Instagram is an awesome place for all of those things!

One of the accounts I follow on Instagram is WHOLE30ANNIE. She is in Week 2 of reintroducing foods back into her diet. Not only did she do a Whole30, but she did a Whole130. That’s right. She did the Whole30 for one hundred and thirty days! I’m super interested in how people feel when they reintroduce different foods, and her IG post caught my eye yesterday when she posted that she was introducing grains in week 2. Then, I checked out her account a little more thoroughly. That’s when I discovered that she had done it for 130 days! I was curious about her “why”, so I asked. This was her private message to me yesterday.

Before reading this, I should share that I’ve learned that a lot of people that do the Whole30, reintroduce foods, then months later, decided to do Whole30 again. When WHOLE30ANNIE says she started Round2, she is referring to her second round of the whole30. She makes reference to Melissa Hartwig, and that is one of the authors of The Whole30.





This hit home with me because she admits that even after 60 days, she wasn’t sure she had “the tools locked down yet”. I know that in the last 27 days I’ve made a lot of improvement in my snacking habit and I’m eating a lot less fruit, but mentally I still think about snacking a lot, and I’d love for those thoughts to diminish even more.

It was a powerful message for me, so I asked her if I could share it on my blog today, and she said “of course”.

Saturday Stuff

Yesterday afternoon, Mike was car shopping with one of our daughters. They had met each other at the car lot, so they each had a car there. To make a very long story short (kinda), they found a car. I had to take them some paperwork, then we had three people and four cars. By the time we got three cars back where they needed to be, (she lives about 30 miles from us) then drove to get the extra car, then drove that car home (we basically spent the evening driving), it was almost 9:00 and we hadn’t had dinner.

I grabbed a handful of cashews when I left the house, knowing that it was going to be a long evening. The best part of this, she really needed a car, and now she has a nice mommy van! Yay!

Here are yesterday’s eats…..

Breakfast – 9  PPV

My breakfast are all looking very similar, but I’m determined to not throw away any produce, so I’ve been using up whatever I stocked up on for the week. Lots of asparagus and zucchini this week, and I love this breakfast!

Red Onion, Asparagus, Zucchini, Sweet Potato, 1 Pork Sausage Crumbled and One Egg



That egg mixed in with everything makes everything so creamy!



Lunch – 6 PPV

Leftover Blackened Tilapia, Roasted Broccoli and a Banana

Look at the brown spots on that Banana. Mike and I would rarely have a banana around long enough for it to get spots on it! 🙂



Snack – 5 PPV


Dinner – 11 PPV

Keeping these Chicken Sausages in the fridge helped me throw together a dinner in about 10 minutes!

1 1/2 Chicken Apple Sausages with Asparagus, Red Bell Pepper, Red Onion and Sweet Potato




Weight Watcher’s Points Plus

I can eat 26 PPV a day.

I can earn Activity Points by doing exercise, and eat them if I choose.

I have an allowance of 49 extra points that I can dip into throughout the week if I choose.

I should drink a minimum of 6 (8 oz) glasses of water each day.

My Weight Watcher Week Begins on Friday’s


Breakfast = 9

Lunch = 6

Snack = 5

Dinner = 11

Total = 31


Exercise = Hot Yoga

Activity Points Earned for the Day = 3

Activity Points Earned This Week = 3

Activity Points Remaining This Week = 3

How many ounces of water I drank for the day = 70

Remaining points from my 49 Points Allowance = 40


This is What I Will Accomplish in 2015

I will choose one occasion per month for Social Drinking (um..this is a work in progress)

I will go no more than two days in a row without exercise. (I’ve done “two a day’s” to make up, and slacked lately)

I will track every single day of the entire year. (I’ve only NOT tracked a few weekends this year.)

I will not be tracking my food while doing the Whole30.

I will run in a minimum of six 5K’s. Five down, One to go!


I’m sitting by the fire drinking coffee, and I love it, but this picture is just so peaceful…….



“love the life you live, live the life you love”


2 responses to Day 27, Whole30

  1. November 9, 2015 at 3:39 am

    i know! That’s a really long time!

    Egads…. I still haven’t completely decided what the next month will have in store for us, or me anyhow.

  2. Wow what a big decision to make.
    I’ve heard that several times at WW meetings that is takes over 60 days to form a new habit.
    I know pasta is a trigger food for me but I don’t think I could give it up forever so I only eat it when I go out.