May Is Going To Be Mindful!

May 2, 2017

I had such big plans for myself in March with my 100 Mile Walk, then that dang Plantar Fasciitis got in the way of things and I did not complete my 100 mile challenge. I didn’t make any goals at all for myself for April, so I feel that May really needs a mindful plan.

I went to a gym about 30 minutes away to inquire about a 6 Week Challenge they have starting next week. That seemed far to drive when I know there are things that I can do that are closer to home. It was a tad pricey for three 30 minute workouts a week, so I’ve decided to stick to walking and Yoga until I come up with something else to try.

I like the Fitbit, but I have not been great about working towards the 12,000 step goal that I set for myself. I’ve decided to be more mindful of that and make a goal for myself that includes how many days a week that I will get in 12,000 steps.

The plantar fasciitis does feel better thanks to that KT tape, stretches and always wearing a shoe with a supportive arch. While my foot is not 100%, I think that I can get those steps in.

I have become really lazy about drinking my water and tracking my food.

That can really get me in trouble. When I do not get my water in or track my food, my body begins to show the side effects, not only weight gain, but I start to lack energy and I don’t sleep as well. I don’t like any of that!

May Goals!

Track every bite of food and blog what I eat every single day in May! No excuses.

Walk 12,000 steps FIVE days a week in May!

Did you make goals for yourself for May? It’s not too late!

Have a great week!


Breakfast – 7 SP

Egg White Omelet filled with veggies and ham and topped with Avocado Slices.

1/4 Big Ass Waffle on the side with berries.

I made extra waffles over the weekend, then put them in the freezer. It was kind of nice to pull out just 1/4 for 1 SmartPoint! If Mike doesn’t find them, they should last me a few days!


Lunch – 13 SP

I made Skinnytaste Carnita’s for dinner at the farm with friends this weekend.

We had plenty of pork leftover, so I made these little taco’s for lunch yesterday. I also had a few extra bites of pork, so I had to guess here on how many smartpoints this lunch really was.


Dinner – 13 SP

Hard Boiled Egg on one slice of Toast and Berries and 1 T. Nut Butter on the other slice.

This bread is really good, but it is 4 SmartPoints per slice! I thought it was 2 SmartPoints per slice while I was throwing together this quick dinner, then after taking this picture, I remembered that I had bought a loaf of bread with larger slices for Mike to make sandwiches for lunch. Oops. Super filling though!

Daily SmartPoints Total = 33

2017 Goals
Make time each week to Meal Plan
Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Exercise 5 days a week
Eat three meals and one snack daily
FOUR 100 Mile Walking Challenges this year!

“love the life you live, live the life you love”


2 responses to May Is Going To Be Mindful!

  1. May 4, 2017 at 4:01 am

    Lol. I could eat Mexican food every single day! While working at the food truck today, I had a long conversation with one of our customers about a new favorite mexican restaurant of his. I’m like…”Whats the address?? I have to go!”

    Glad you are joining me in Mindful May!!

  2. Latiffany Connelly May 3, 2017 at 7:31 pm

    I love skinnytaste recipes! They are usually yummy. I’m going to join you and be more mindful about what I eat this month and tracking it on Myfitnesspal. I’m typing this after eating a huge plate of Mexican food for lunch 😂