Yay! Sunshine!!

March 7, 2014

First of all……Seriously….Yay Sunshine!

Another successful day, mentally and physically. I got a lot done around the house early in the morning, then left to meet my mom for a cup of coffee and a short chat. Then I hit the Tasfeful Olive, a great little Olive Oil store in Downtown Overland Park. I was out of my Butter Infused Olive Oil, and I was missing it. I was kinda looking for a new flavor too. I found one that I’m anxious to try.  Chipotle Infused Olive Oil! I’m thinking Fajita’s…..Mexican Eggs…..Shrimp and Roasted Veggies stuffed in a Corn Tortilla? It certainly has a bit of a kick to it! I’ll put it to good use in something!


It was sunny and above freezing, so I took advantage of that and got in a good 40 minute walk outside. I took the mutts with me for a bit too. I would have walked longer, but all I could think about was getting home, opening up the garage, letting the dog’s enjoy a little fresh air, and putting things away in the garage that had been tossed wherever convenient when it was just too cold in the garage to care. It feels so organized now!

I spent a little time playing with my pictures today. I don’t know that I’ll post pictures like this everyday due to the extra time, and I can’t even decide if I like the look, but I did have fun playing around today! I take all of my pictures with my iPhone, so nothing fancy here, but I’m amazed sometimes at how great of a picture a phone can take!!


Danica’s Egg Roll

I’ve been following a blog recently. Danica’s Daily.  She makes a breakfast that she calls an Egg Roll. I hadn’t paid much attention, but I knew it included a corn tortilla, and since I had a huge package of those in the fridge, I checked it out this morning before I decided exactly what I was going to make for breakfast. I’m glad I did. I should have taken pictures as I made it, but forgot.

She cooks an egg, while keeping it as round as possible. She heats a corn tortilla, then places the egg on it and adds cheese. Then she roll’s it up. She makes One Egg Roll for 4 PPV. They looked really tasty!

Even though I am working on portion size, I do like to get as much bang for my buck as possible, and I wanted Two Egg Rolls. I cooked 4 egg whites (1 PPV), two at a time, making two circles of cooked eggs.  Then I sat them aside. I heated two corn tortilla’s (2 PPV) in the skillet for about 15 seconds on each side. I took one sandwich slice of Kraft 2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese (1 PPV) and broke it into pieces and divided it between the two corn tortilla’s. Then I placed my cooked egg whites on each tortilla. I rolled them up! By using egg whites and one slice of cheese, I was able to eat two of these yummy little Egg Roll’s for 4 PPV.






Butternut Squash Chili 

(It’s almost all gone….)





It’s Breakfast…….for dinner. 



Weight Watcher’s Points Plus

I can eat 26 PPV a day.

I can earn Activity Points by doing exercise, and eat them if I choose.

I have an allowance of 49 extra points that I can dip into throughout the week if I choose.

I should drink a minimum of 6 (8 oz) glasses of water each day.

My Weight Watcher Week Begins on Friday’s


Breakfast = 2 Egg Rolls, Coffee with Skim Milk (5)

Snack = Un-pictured Nonfat Latte (2)

Lunch = Butternut Squash Chili topped with Avocado, Strawberries (6)

Snack = Light English Muffin, 1 T. Better n’ Peanut Butter, Banana, Hot Tea (4)

Dinner = Sweet Potato, Turkey Sausage, Egg Whites, Cheese, Salsa (8)

Total = 25

Exercise = walked 40 minutes

How many glasses of water I drank = 8

Activity Points Earned for the Day = 3

Activity Points Earned This Week = 23

Remaining points from my 49 Points Allowance = 11

Alcohol Consumption = none




“love the life you live, live the life you love”